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a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer

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A COVENTRY company director who was known in the engineering trade as the "gentleman's gentleman" has died.
My mother told me her father was a "gentleman's gentleman".
Blandings' reclusive owner Lord Emsworth, his regular house guest, Bertie Wooster and his unflappable Gentleman's gentleman, Jeeves, were soon immortalised.
Having reached the "Bu-C" section of the Yellow Pages, he decides being a butler will be his next venture and signs up for a course with appropriately named Englishman gentleman's gentleman Mr.
If he chooses to go along dressed as though for, say, a rugger match, determined to do nothing but punt his brains out and "have a bloody good time", there is very little that even the best informed gentleman's gentleman can hope to do.
Fictional character, an English valet who is the consummate "gentleman's gentleman" to the somewhat dim but kindhearted English socialite Bertie Wooster, in a series of short stories and comic novels set mostly in the late Edwardian era, by Wodehouse, P.G..
Another popular literary character, now celebrating his centenary, is PG Wodehouse's lovably eccentric creation Bertie Wooster, together with his omniscient gentleman's gentleman Reginald Jeeves.
The posh clan are completely hopeless at coping - until the gentleman's gentleman steps in to teach them a thing or two about taking care of themselves.
Ruggles is the quintessential gentleman's gentleman to an English earl.
The self-absorbed Lord Emsworth noticed the reaction of his gentleman's gentleman, Beach, when, ``ice formed on the butler's upper slopes''.
No contribution in this life-enhancing presentation is negligible, from the smallest role right up to Figaro himself, the engaging gentleman's gentleman of Petru Racovita; so contained is his resourcefulness that we feel that another step too far might explode him into a militant revolutionary.
It's the soul of discretion with suave manners, a wheeled gentleman's gentleman. It won't turn heads or prompt little boys to ask: "Wot's it do, mister?"