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Synonyms for genteelness

Synonyms for genteelness

elegance by virtue of fineness of manner and expression

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I'm all for the League's decision to become more aggressive, as I've criticized its genteelness in the past, but the commercial is so melodramatic and manipulative that the League should be ashamed.
Sitting in the mid- May colour of his garden, the genteelness of the setting is in stark contrast to the vehemence of his views.
Santa Barbara County's Montecito is understated elegance, English gardens and the quiet genteelness that comes from having nothing to prove."
Not everyone has been so ready to embrace this sudden reawakening of genteelness in our ladies, however.
Success ceased to be dependent on oratory skill, physical bearing, genteelness and a disposition for pleasant private reading and, instead, became dependent on an individual's competitiveness, mental agility, athletic endurance and capacity for bookwork.
Elsewhere, the sound was a bit tame but the genteelness of the playing matched such reflective fare as Charmed Life, Tonight We Fly and Sunrise.