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an antibiotic (trade name Garamycin) that is derived from an actinomycete

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By 1999, intratympanic gentamicin therapy (ITG) had become the most frequently used invasive treatment for Meniere's disease in USA.
Data were presented on the first three infants with H-JEB treated with topical 0.5% gentamicin twice daily for 2 weeks.
Some of these studies determined endocytosis-independent mechanisms by which gentamicin appears to directly cross the plasmatic membrane into the cytoplasm with the participation of membrane receptors such as the non-selective cation receptor TRPV (9, 10).
"Fortunately, we know now he didn't have the sensitivity to gentamicin that would cause hearing loss.
After the birth of newborns in the intervention group, lactating mothers were intraperitoneally injected with gentamicin (made by the Eksir Company, Iran) at 200 mg/kg (Chen et al., 2012) every other day sequentially from the first day to the end of the lactation period (about 21 days).
Ampicillin was the most commonly prescribed antibiotic as it was administered to 49 patients: in 21 patients, it was prescribed as monotherapy; in 23 cases, it was administered in combination with gentamicin; in 3 cases, it was administered in combination with trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole while in 2 cases, it was administered in combination with other drugs such as vancomycin or macrolides.
On the day of surgery, the patient received IV gentamicin 160 mg (2.46 mg/kg ideal body weight) and IV vancomycin 1000 mg (8.96 mg/kg) 11 minutes prior to first incision.
All ABR tests were performed on mice on the following day after the injections with gentamicin alone or in combination with MK-801 (i.e., ABR was performed on day 5 or day 8).
It should be acknowledged by the authors that no validated questionnaire specific to the neurogenic bladder patient was included to assess the quality of life improvement with respect to bladder health after intravesical gentamicin treatment.
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the study is to prevent hearing loss when using intratympanic (IT) gentamicin for intractable Meniere's disease.
Dual therapy with gentamicin (240 mg single intramuscular dose) and azithromycin (2 grams single oral dose) is the treatment of choice for pregnant patients with severe penicillin or cephalosporin allergy.
Gentamicin which is an aminoglycoside antibiotic has known to compete with Cellular calcium influx in several biological processes [10] and it has been proven beyond doubt that it is an N- type calcium channel blocker.
They evaluated the combination of LFU and gentamicin against planktonic cultures of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.