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of or relating to or constituting a genotype


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Genotypical variation and reproduction in natural populations of Thamnolia.
Heredity is a matter of "genotypical lines" (of the family), and not a matter of race, because in the latter there are numerous genotypes.
However, in the late eighties hip hop turned to its African geographical, intellectual, and genotypical roots and found there infinite sources of political empowerment, philosophical depth, and pride.
Horst, "Genotypical differences in aluminum resistance of maize are expressed in the distal part of the transition zone.
Stearns (1994) reports the existence of trade-offs at the phenotypical and genotypical levels, and at an intermediate level between these two (the intermediate structure).
As previously stated, the aleatory character of elements is posited within serialised circulation and genotypical categories to show how order might be ruptured in the future.
Corticosteroids deficiency leads to raised adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) which stimulates adrenal cortex to produce more androgenic hormones leading to features of masculinization (development of male characteristics in a genotypical female) of female fetus resulting in ambiguous genitalia.
(32,33) The most commonly used classification system by Temtamy and McKusik was derived from study of pedigrees, which showed two distinct phenotypical and genotypical varieties.
First, "how much room for subjective individuality is actually left for a social structure once we have pinned down its radical-typical, genotypical, and phenotypical properties" (90)?
Such a break point occurred in the history of sociotechnical systems when Fred Emery discovered the genotypical organizational design principles (Emery, 1967).
Genotypical testing is recommended (need a viral load of >1 000 copies/ml) as the preferred resistance testing to guide therapy in patients with suboptimal virological responses or virological failure while on first or second regimens (AIII).
In an effort to maintain white supremacy, Arthur Snobbcraft--a leader of the Anglo-Saxon Association--commissions a study that seeks to recover the genotypical truth of race behind the superficial phenotypical alterations made possible by Black-No-More.
On the basis of serologic and genotypical characteristics, rickettsiae are divided into typhus and spotted fever groups.
In the population investigated in the Copenhagen City Heart Study, mean AAT serum concentrations in individuals from all genotypical classes who had never smoked were slightly lower than in all participants (21 ); this is consistent with the influence of systemic inflammation on AAT concentrations in blood.