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Synonyms for genotype

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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In this way, simple illustrations incorporate a considerable amount of information that provides the opportunity to determine genotype and phenotype probabilities for monogenic Mendelian traits without the need to draw Punnett square for every parental genotype combination.
Knowledge of genotype-by-environment interaction presenting valuable information in plant breeding studies can help plant breeders to reduce the cost of extensive genotype evaluation by eliminating unnecessary testing sites (Letta, 2009).
4 In Indonesia, a study in several hospitals of Jakarta, reported that hepatitis C virus genotype 1 is the most prevalent about 72.
9%) than in those laboratories using Hologic Aptima HPV16 18/45 genotype assay (78 of 106; 73.
Highest similarity was obtained between genotype pairs xO5TH36 and xO5TH43 (Fig.
Materials research are six mutant genotypes, resulted from genotype selection in previous studies, namely the mutant genotype IR 1-8, IR 7-3, IR 6-3, IR 4-1, IR 5-3, IR 3-1 and Situ Bagendit (upland rice as comparison).
Possible explanation for the observed shift in genotype pattern distribution in KP could be the high rate of sequence evolution or natural HCV recombination, inadequate sensitivity of old genotyping assays to detect the correct type, or the migration of people from Tribal regions and bordering Afghanistan due to the ongoing war.
Of the patients in the SOF/VEL group, 53% had genotype 1 disease, 17% had genotype 2, 19% had genotype 4, 6% had genotype 5, and 7% had genotype 6; all genotype 5 patients were in the treatment group, and genotype 3 patients are being evaluated in a separate study, Dr.
HCV genotyping was investigated by the Abbott Real Time HCV Genotype II assay.
Analysis shows that HCV genotype 1 is the most prevalent at 46% of all HCV cases, followed by genotype 3 at 30%; genotypes 2, 4, and 6 with a combined total of 23% and genotype 5 at less than 1%.
It was found that for treatment-naive patients, 76 percent with genotype 1, 88 percent with genotype 2 and 67 percent with genotype 3 were cured.
Genotype determination was done using ROTOR Gene TM.
tuberculosis isolates have been genotyped through partnerships between CDC, national genotyping laboratories, and state and local public health departments, with a goal to genotype at least one M.
Humans can be co-infected with [greater than or equal to] 1 genotype (mixed genotype infection) of this virus (3).