genius loci

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the special atmosphere of a place

the guardian spirit of a place

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In "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking" the bird's singing is likewise overheard, but in this case the auditor--the speaker as a young boy, before he has become a bard--has an experience that Simms, thinking on the model of his "The Streamlet," his Yemassee songs, or his "The Syren of Tselica," might call an encounter with the genius loci of Paumanok (which is the Native American name for Long Island):
In this respect, too, Watkin has strengthened the book by adding accounts on urbanism and context to each chapter, and his observations demonstrate why the tabula rasa is desired by those who ignore, corrupt, and obliterate the genius loci.
While the subject might evoke the genius loci of the Sears or Kmart portrait studio, the passages of bravura brushwork - such as the greenish-gold strokes of Mary's hair and the lushly painted backgrounds - along with the large-scale format conjure the formal trappings of haute Abstract Expressionism.
This spectacular climax to Dalmann Quay owes more to a private developer, Genius Loci, than Hamburg's city fathers, who managed to delay construction by insisting on taking control.
This, of course, is an art of appropriation, but not in the sense of Sherrie Levine or Mike Bidlo, who are concerned with simulation and the notion of the author; here, there is a genuine sense of affection for the "other" and the site's genius loci.
It has, as always in its moments of efflorescence, an immense theatrical flair, an ironic mordancy, an implicit socialism, and an irreverent devotion to genius loci - that spirit of the place that makes English art of any period so quirky and so difficult to export.
You see European contextualism and Asian regionalism as unable to deal with Bigness, as though we needed other concepts of place than those of "context" or of feng sui and genius loci.
In the first category we have, for example, a discussion of the concept of genius loci with reference to Lethaby, Geddes and Bruno Taut, an examination of some ideological aspects of post Second World War town planning in Britain, and an analysis of privacy in housing from a spiritual point of view.
The first addresses the question of how to preserve, respect or regenerate genius loci under fast changing conditions.
Developer Genius Loci, an architect turned investor, started preparing the project four years ago.
It is a testament to architecture's power of genius loci that thc lot, flawlessly situated at the intersection of two implausibly green fairways in the middle of scrub desert, is now striking only in its banality.
The objective was to find the genius loci of a place and in Lasdun's words 'the soul of the building'.
In his proposal, Entwistle took the tabula rasa philosophy which showed aspects Corbusier's Ville Contemporaine, with few concessions to the genius loci.