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Ultrastructure of male genital system and spermatozoa of a Mexican camel-spider of the Eremobates pallipes species group (Arachnida, Solifugae).
He thought that the neoplasm did not originate from the genital system. Therefore, the case was sent to Dr.
The case presented, together with the few data presented in the current literature about endometriosis in mammalians, supports the hypothesis that endometriosis is a disease related to some alterations in the morphogenesis of the female genital system and therefore it could be found in several mammals.
(2) A variety of infectious organisms can affect the female genital system and are divided into two main groups: sexually transmitted infection and overgrowth of vaginal flora.
Rest all genital system anomalies were present in males.
Despite its efficiency in the treatment of leukemia, [As.sub.2][O.sub.3] can be toxic to the male genital system, since it can cause apoptosis in germ cells.
Development of renal system is closely integrated with the development of genital system. The ureteric bud develops from the mesonephric duct during the 5th week of gestation and the elongated stalk of the ureteric bud that is called the metanephric duct later forms the ureter.
(Esnow, Aslanger, okofonofva, oronsay and Waker, female genital mutilation as defined by the World Health Organization Include all the ways that lead to the damage or removal of part or all of the female genital system Non-medical purposes is based on cultural or other reasons.
More recently, it was suggested that it should be transferred to the genus Ariopelta as an additional species, differing from Ariopelta capensis in minor details of the genital system (Sirgel 1985).
She was born with complete duplication of the genital system, and so she had two complete uterus, and each with its own Fallopian tubes," said Professor Dr Hossam Al Deen Hamdi, vice chancellor for the Colleges of Medicine and Health Sciences and Chairman of Division of Surgery at University Hospital in Sharjah, who addressed reporters yesterday.
The published descriptions about genital system of adult female (Morishita et al.
Fifty-four chapters are presented in sections devoted to the surgical pathology laboratory, head and neck, thoracic system, breast, gastroinstestinal tract, urinary tract and male genital system, female reproductive system, hematolymphoid system, endocrine system, soft tissues and skeletal system, skin, and nervous system.