genital stage

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(psychoanalysis) the fifth sexual and social stage in a person's development occurring during adolescence

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Table 7: Correlation of waist circumference to Genital Stage Genital Total Waist No.
Age wise distribution of boys in relation to genital maturity reveals that only 25% of children were in genital stage II at 10 years.
The mean weight is showing linear correlation with the genital stage in all the age groups.
06) associated with higher odds ratios for the presence of genital stages G3-G4 and pubic hair stages PH3-PH4 (Figure 1).
In subsequent years Freud divided his "presexual" period into oral, anal, and genital stages of development and focused especially on the Oedipal conflict in which, Freud claimed, little boys want to incestuously possess their mothers and kill their fathers.