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a succulent orange-sized tropical fruit with a thick rind

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aureus, there was no statistically significant difference between azitliromycin and the genipap 20% pulp extract (P=0.
aureus between the antibiotic vancomycin and the genipap extracts: 30% peel (P=0.
Results of microdilution tests indicated that all genipap extracts displayed MIC and MMC values ranging between 150[micro]g/mL and 940[micro]g/mL against all microorganisms (Table 4), whereas bara extracts displayed MIC and MMC values between 150[micro]g/mL and 1000[micro]g/mL against all microorganisms except P.
The variable results in this study, such as results where genipap extracts exhibited an MIC and MMC against all microorganisms; whereas, baru extracts did not exhibit an MIC or MMC against P.
coli, differing from results obtained with the genipap extracts.
All of these studies obtained sustainable results, which may also apply to genipap extracts once satisfactory MIC and MMC values are obtained from E.
The genipap 30% pulp extract displayed the largest zones of inhibition compared to the other genipap extracts against all microorganisms tested, whereas extracts of bara and taruma pulp showed satisfactory results only against S.
In particular, the genipap fruit extracts displayed the best zones of inhibition and MIC and MMC values.