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A cadaveric study of the branching pattern and diameter of the genicular arteries: A focus on the middle genicular artery.
Representative image of the branches of the genicular artery.
The medial inferior genicular artery is also at risk during this separation as it curves medially around the proximal tibia.
The lateral inferior genicular artery courses adjacent to the peripheral border of the lateral meniscus [9], whereas the medial genicular arteries do not course so close to the medial meniscus.
When a patient of recurrent hemarthrosis of the knee is encountered, especially when such a patient has lateral-dominant osteoarthritis and/or torn lateral meniscus, it is highly probable that the origin of the bleeding is the branch of lateral inferior genicular artery that penetrates and supplies the lateral meniscus.
It is harvested from the medial femoral condyle and it is nourished by the articular branch of the descending genicular artery (DGA) and the superomedial genicular artery (SMGA) [3].