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Synonyms for genetical

of or relating to or produced by or being a gene


of or relating to the science of genetics


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inflammation-prone mice who were genetical ly engineered to In experiments, the drug quelled the rodents' inflammation and restored their ageing rate to normal levels.
She had hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome, and other genetical deformities that saw her become one of Europe's most sought after circus acts.
Some genetical and environmental factors effecting birth weight of Butana subtype and Frisian and Kenana crosses at Atbra and Nsheshesh Research Centeres.
Genetical, environmental and personality factors influencing the age of first sexual intercourse in twins.
For example, an approach called genetical genomics simultaneously takes into consideration both the gene-expression and gene-sequence (QTL) information to narrow the set of possibly involved genes down to a smaller set based on convergent results (Farris et al.
We decided to split the money into three giving pounds 5,000 to Breast Cancer Wales, pounds 5,000 to the genetical cancer section at Glan Clwyd as well as pounds 5,000 to the hospital's cancer unit.
The projected plant silhouettes are alive from a digital seed that contains the genetical data of its family, they grow affected by the actual measured rainfall and sunshine, move directly on actual wind, and throughout the day turn along with the sun.
Allegedly Dr Afridi was inoculating hepatitis vaccine with syringes and was collecting blood samples in the neighbourhood for genetical investigations.
This is mainly due to the intrinsic quality of the gametes used (especially oocytes) that are generally poorly competent from a developmental and a genetical point of view in the ART patient population, but we do believe that modern technologies could change this figure.
However, Vainstein and his colleagues spliced the wormwood enzymes that produce artemisin and bred tobacco plants that carry artemisin's genetical code, English.
genetical and medical information available on this platform," including challenges to privacy ("[a]lthough you can upload your data using a pseudonym, there is no way to anonymously submit data"), confidentiality, and the potential for genetic discrimination.
Conclusion: VHL gene mutation was not detected in our study population, which may be result of the genetical characteristics of Turkish population or small sample size.
Because for me, a real black beauty is one who is awakened to the fact that false hair is not the biological, genetical or natural hair God endowed the black woman with.