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Now we have been reminded that genetic science was another field in which India excelled.
But with the growing sophistication of genetic science and, not coincidentally, the growing impact of Zionism on Jewish thinking, geneticists have looked for--and found--genetic markers that set off Jewish populations from their gentile neighbors.
In the article titled "Effect of Chronic Morphine Consumption on Synaptic Plasticity of Rat's Hippocampus: A Transmission Electron Microscopy Study" [1], the name and the affiliation of the fifth author were given incorrectly as "Abolfazle Movafag, Department of Genetic Science, Medical Faculty, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran." The revised authors' list and affiliations are shown above.
Why there has not much progress in the genetic science and medical treatments since James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins received their Nobel Prize for the DNA discovery is due to the missing DNA Alphabet.
The installation at the Broad Institute is only one part of a larger body of work that includes oil paintings and watercolors related to genetic science.
GENETICS from the Genetic Science Learning Center provides high-quality, interactive information about genetics as well as the foundational science related to genetics topics.
The petitioner told the court during the course of hearing of the case that he was scientist of a genetic science and he executed an agreement with a lady in connection with test tube baby and when the baby girls was borne then their agreement was accomplished.
He went on to say that Karna could be born outside his mother's womb as some reproductive genetic science was present at that time.
We live in an age when genetic science promises insights into our health, our ancestry, and even what it means to be male and female.
Genetic science and research were alive and well in the 1960s, '70s and '80s at the university.
History is full of examples of genetic science running amok.
21st Century Dinosaurs features four visually impaired actors and merges storytelling, music, video, light and sound as it shines the spotlight on genetic science.
All of the conditions targeted in the study were called 'Mendelian diseases,' which are named for Gregor Mendel, the 19th century researcher who founded genetic science. Mendelian diseases are those caused by a single mutated gene and are also known as monogenic disorders.
Named after Gregor Mendel, the 19th century researcher widely regarded as the founder of genetic science, Mendelian diseases or monogenic disorders are those caused by a single mutated gene.
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