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He said these were the "twin spectres" of genetic sciences which had arisen since Dolly the sheep became the first animal to be cloned at Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh.
It intends to point to the great uncertainties we face as we consider how genetic science may eventually shape our physical being, our social structure, and our moral culture.
And with the University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff University, the NHS, Techniquest and the WDA all involved with the initiative, there is every chance that it will create a valuable facility for the study and exploitation of genetic science in Wales.
Fast-moving research in biotechnology and genetic science was increasingly dependent on animal studies, said the scientists.
Friends of the Earth claim advances in genetic science are making it easier to measure the damaging effects of chemicals on the human body.
Last night, Newcastle University and One NorthEast praised Prof Stojkovic's contribution, saying he played a key role in establishing Newcastle as a centre for genetic science.
Alistair Keely looks at the role of genetic science in the hunt for a serial rapist.
Today's announcement brings the latest in genetic science to men and women in the Sub Saharan Africa," says Andy Goren, President & CEO of HairDX, LLC.
The North's position as a world leader in genetic science was in question last night as the doctor leading advances in human cloning quit the region for a better-funded post abroad.
We're pleased to bring the latest in genetic science to men and women in Brazil through DermaGenoma," says Andy Goren, President & CEO of HairDX, LLC.
Professor Miodrag Stojkovic has made a huge contribution to the North-East carving itself a place in the vanguard of genetic science.
Taylor added, "By introducing our skin serum and upgrading our core nutrition product and marketing support, we hope to increase the benefits of genetic science to our customers and marketing Affiliates.
Over the coming decades we shall increasingly need to make wise and informed moral judgements over new and complex issues such as the environment, population growth, genetic science and community cohesion.
It offers the latest in genetic science to men and women in Germany," says Andy Goren, President & CEO of HairDX, LLC.
Eyebrows were raised when the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) granted the Newcastle licence for the double-mother embryo at a time when the Government is consulting on the laws that govern genetic science for this very reason.