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Synonyms for risk

stand a chance of




Synonyms for risk

a possibility of danger or harm

exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

a venture depending on chance

to expose to possible loss or damage

to subject to danger or destruction

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to run the risk of

Synonyms for risk

a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury

the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred

the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent

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Genetic risk score was calculated using 77 gene variants associated with body mass index.
She worries that parents who tell their children about a potential genetic risk don't alleviate anxiety - they hamper their teenager's ability to live freely.
By using cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technology, such as PAHs VECTRA whole-body scanner, we can achieve a cost-efficient and effective way to assess patients with high genetic risk of early melanoma, Professor Soyer said.
Many individuals both physicians and members of the general public have looked on genetic risk as unavoidable, but for heart attack that does not appear to be the case," Kathiresan added.
Study co-first author Dr Elise Robinson, from MGH, said: "We can use behavioral and cognitive data in the general population to untangle the mechanisms through which different types of genetic risk are operating.
Research studies in healthy people at different levels of genetic risk for Alzheimer's promise to further clarify the earliest biological changes associated with the disease, clarify what genetic risk disclosure means to people in the new era of Alzheimer's prevention trials, and find effective treatments to end Alzheimer's as quickly as possible," said Dr.
In a study published in the journal Neurosurgery, researchers report on the identification of new genetic risk factors through the use of genomic sequencing.
ly/1NhswWF) which shows that women with a high genetic risk of AMD and vitamin D deficiency are 6.
Anthropologists and geneticists from Europe and Israel present 10 essays on the understandings and influence of genetic risk in state health policies related to cousin marriages.
The researchers found that if you add more BDNF to neurons that carry a genetic risk factor for the disease, the neurons don't respond.
As a result, this genetic risk is one of the strongest risk factors for atrial fibrillation known in people without overt cardiac disease.
We've been able to detect genetic risk factors on a huge and unprecedented scale and shed new light on the biological cause of the condition," said Prof O'Donovan.
ORLANDO -- Screening men at high genetic risk for prostate cancer appears to provide a mortality benefit, in an analysis of data from a randomized trial.
GENETIC risk is the contribution our genes play in the chance we have of developing certain illnesses or diseases.
Those with higher genetic risk scores developed asthma earlier than those with lower scores.
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