genetic profiling

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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Dr Fida explained that genetic profiling is a good solution if both parents have an autosomal recessive disease such as sickle cell or beta thalassemia, which could lead to up to 25% of an affected foetus.
Altogether, 74% of EUROPA patients who were included in the pharmacogenetic study were identified as perindopril responders via blinded genetic profiling.
Also, genetic testing won't eliminate the need for PSA screening and digital rectal exams, he says, and studies are necessary to work out the best way to use genetic profiling and how to respond to a positive test.
Despite the apparent impossibility of what is called 'personalised medicine', medical experts warn that scientists from developing countries need to start genetic profiling to see how the genes of their citizens affect the diseases they experience.
Eventually, doctors might use genetic profiling to choose the best antisepsis therapy, Perrella says.
Scientists at Leicester University used genetic profiling to trace the African ancestors of more than 200 black Britons.
Now, however, genetic profiling of several of the most common sarcomas--similar to the DNA fingerprinting used to identify criminals--may enable pathologists to accurately diagnose most soft-tissue sarcomas.
THANK goodness the idea of genetic profiling by insurance companies is to be curbed.
Health Secretary Alan Milburn will use a keynote speech this Thursday to make clear his view that the use of genetic profiling should not be allowed to deny people essentials like insurance cover.
EXACT's loss of heterozygosity technology permits rapid automated genetic profiling by eliminating current gel-based methods.
A smaller list of genes could make a genetic profiling test more cost-effective for widespread use.
Large investments are already taking place across the industry, with life science firms actively trying to enter the software world and software players looking to capture start-up genetic profiling companies.
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