genetic mutation

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Unlike Wynn, Coolidge, and Klein, Ambrose contends that intergroup contact required only social innovations and not genetic mutations or brain changes.
This excessive exposure damages DNA and causes genetic mutations.
Researchers estimate that women carrying the BRCA1 genetic mutation stand an 85 percent chance of contracting breast cancer during their lifetime, and a 65 percent chance of contracting cancer in the ovaries.
PPMI is studying clinical and imaging data and biological samples of people with a genetic mutation to identify biomarkers, ultimately speeding clinical trials.
Cancer genetics researchers at Otago University said that the key genetic mutation underlying familial stomach and lobular breast cancers also opened them to attack through drug therapies targeting cellular mechanisms, Xinhua news agency reported.
Washington, July 19 ( ANI ): Mice gain weight even when fed normal amounts of food, a discovery that suggests the genetic mutation linked to obesity may govern how the body uses energy.
The test found at least one genetic mutation in all 24 samples taken from uterine cancer patients and in nine of 22 samples from ovarian cancer patients.
Prof Maher said: "From our perspective it was hugely important to find a genetic mutation that will allow better identification of IPD.
Researchers found one in 500 Caucasian babies are affected by a particular genetic mutation which renders them vulnerable to the drugs.
Kretchmer's genetic mutation -- the BRCA gene -- increases the chances of breast and ovarian cancer, the latter which killed her maternal grandmother.
Women who carry a genetic mutation may need a baseline MRI to screen them for occult or early cancer prior to becoming pregnant, along with very close follow-up," Dr.
A recently discovered genetic mutation that causes dysfunction in the synthesis of serotonin might explain why some depressed patients are resistant to drug treatment, researchers say.
The super bull has a genetic mutation (change to DNA) that prevents it from making myostatin.
He eventually learned that he has a genetic mutation called Delta 32--a "defective" genotype that prevents his being infected by HIV-1, the most common strain of HIV.