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occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

of or relating to or produced by or being a gene

of or relating to the science of genetics


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Although estimate of heritability for LMY and adjusted 305-d MY indicates that still there is an opportunity for improving these traits through selection, future improvement of the herd could be meaningful if the current phenotypic selection is changed to selection based on genetic merit combined with improved herd management as well as introducing of new animals from other source to increase genetic variability within the herd.
Previous studies suggest no significant difference between high and low genetic merit cattle with regard to glucose concentration and decrease with ongoing selection for milk.
Similarly, it is evident from the bull pedigree file, that all inbred sires them selves are of high genetic merit and are also from the progeny of Elite Sires and Dams.
The X-chromosome has been successfully used in domestic animals to predict the cytogenetic or genetic merit of various economically important species.
Instead of waiting for 100 or so of a stallion's offspring to race before determining his genetic merit for optimum distance, it can be done before the stallion even arrives at stud.
They've also developed methods for evaluating the genetic merit and fertility of potential parent animals.
The trend during the past 30 years for increased milk yield per cow is a major obstacle when looking to reduce emissions because, as genetic merit for milk yield has increased, there has been an accompanying decline in fertility," explained Prof.
The alliance of pro-vaccination organisations is also keen to see the establishment of animal testing protocols that will free the movement of all breeding stock with superior genetic merit.
Commercial channels often have a high proportion of heifers sired by jumper bulls of unknown genetic merit, or that come from producers who sell their poorer animals.
These two boars were cloned as a result of their high genetic merit.
By convincing those dairy farmers of the merits of using high EBV semen -- semen 4from bulls of known genetic merit as established under the Best Beef Sire List -- to serve their dairy cows, the first step in producing calves that will find a readier market with calf rearers and finishers is taken.
When there are significant accession main effects and accession x generation interaction effects, the genetic merit of an accession in a specific generation is determined by the sum of main and interaction effects (A + AG).
Specifically, the BovineSNP50 and CanineSNP20 BeadChips will benefit the agriculture communities by allowing for accurate selection of genetic merit at birth.
Through the use of ETT, (i) a farmer can get a 5-6 fold increase in number of offsprings , (ii) the calves so born will be of high genetic merit and (iii) the offsprings born will be free from diseases.
This study, being the first attempt in Korean Holstein population, was essentially aimed to unveil the true genetic merit of CE from different genetic standpoints lying underneath the phenotypic scores.