genetic fingerprinting

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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Genetic fingerprinting uses a part of our DNA that varies a great deal between individuals, called 'microsatellites'.
Information is also provided on genetically-engineered protein toxins, as well as genetic fingerprinting for forensic studies and the use of genomics for the agents of tularemia, brucellosis, and clostridial gas gangrene.
It uses genetic fingerprinting to identify different strains and find common links between cases.
1987: The first criminal conviction based on genetic fingerprinting led to a rapist being sentenced to eight years at Bristol Crown Court.
The AFLP technology has since become one of the most popular genetic fingerprinting techniques for the genetic analysis of plants, micro-organisms and animals.
Yet science drives innovation further and the new "perfect" technology is set to be genetic fingerprinting.
GENETIC fingerprinting has linked hundreds of criminals to the scene of their crime in South Wales.
DNA testing is now commonplace with genetic fingerprinting regarded as the greatest ever aid to help the fight against crime.
Most people can trace their family tree back only a few generations, but genetic fingerprinting will be able to retrace ancestral lines back 45,000 years or more.
Canel is using genetic fingerprinting to screen plants at the seed level.
New technologies such as rapid biologic screens and genetic fingerprinting of microbes need to be used for sample identification Many public health laboratories around the country are developing this capacity.