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Screening, in contrast, focuses analysis on offspring of women who are theoretically at increased risk of a genetic abnormality based on their age or reproductive history, not on their genetic makeup.
The drug is designed to tackle chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML), a common and potentially fatal form of the disease, by 'correcting' a genetic abnormality in bone marrow.
In addition, mice which received a genetic abnormality from only one of their parents also showed a lower decomposition capability than normal mice.
Children born with a certain genetic abnormality linked to leukaemia could be given a jab to prevent them from going on to develop the disease.
Genetic predisposition for diseases refers to an increased risk for developing disease based on a genetic abnormality (Hoffmann & Wulfsberg, 1995; McClure, 1996).
If the test shows a genetic abnormality, the expecting parents may decide to abort the pregnancy.
Ramon Brugada, a cardiology fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, identified the location of a genetic abnormality on the long arm of chromosome 10.
Where the rubber will meet the road in this area is when the biotechnology industry starts to produce compounds that mimic or replace necessary endogenous chemicals that are either deficient or absent because of some genetic abnormality.
Studies in 57 unrelated people who did not have osteoarthritis showed that none of them had the genetic abnormality either.
The animal has a genetic abnormality of myelination, but it also loses myelin with time, developing progressive neurological symptoms.
In most cases, a genetic abnormality involving the Bcr-Abl protein, a tyrosine kinase encoded by the Philadelphia chromosome, results in constantly activated growth of cancer cells.
This led Michaud to discover the genetic abnormality responsible for this developmental disorder.
The team has identified the genetic abnormality that causes Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, which affects up to a third of the 40,000 women undergoing IVF each year.
In mice with mutations in the normal dystrophin gene, BMN 195 has been shown to improve strength, further said Bienaime and added that therefore, BMN 195 may have the potential to treat the entire spectrum of DMD patients, regardless of the type of genetic abnormality.
These rearrangements represent another type of genetic abnormality in which PGD can reduce the likelihood of a conception that carries a specific genetic abnormality.