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in a generous manner

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Why they WERE different, Robert exclaimed to her himself in the course of a quarter of an hour's conversation; for, talking of his brother, and lamenting the extreme GAUCHERIE which he really believed kept him from mixing in proper society, he candidly and generously attributed it much less to any natural deficiency, than to the misfortune of a private education; while he himself, though probably without any particular, any material superiority by nature, merely from the advantage of a public school, was as well fitted to mix in the world as any other man.
But Jane will give me her love: yes--nobly, generously.
I'm acting generously to your master: his young chit has no expectations, and should she second my wishes she'll be provided for at once as joint successor with Linton.
I am to inherit your estate, unconditionally -- as you have generously settled it from the first.
I may say at this distance of time, Trot, that I left him generously.
For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully, and generously, towards me with great constancy through a series of years.
the Christian has shown his good nurture, and dealt with us more generously than the Jew.
And, for the same reason, you generously forbore to tell me that you were no more in love with me than with the man in the moon.
We had only so much time as to come hither to implore those favours which you have been generously pleased to grant us.
This is certain, that some time before, he had used some poor pagan merchants in that manner, and had caused the executioner to begin to flay them, when some Brahmin, touched with compassion, generously contributed the sum demanded for their ransom.
In that blessed age all things were in common; to win the daily food no labour was required of any save to stretch forth his hand and gather it from the sturdy oaks that stood generously inviting him with their sweet ripe fruit.
Meriem pointed with a sweep of her hand that took in, generously, half the continent of Africa.
He helped himself as generously as if Japan were a desert, where nothing to eat was to be looked for.
But you, my dear Athos-- you, who so generously distributed the Englishman's pistoles, which were our legitimate property--what do you mean to do?
Madame," said he, "the count and yourself recompense too generously a simple action.