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Synonyms for generative

having the ability to produce or originate



producing new life or offspring

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Extra-experimental reality can now be seen to include a multiplicity of generative mechanisms that interact with each other in ways that determine whether or not some or other generative mechanism will bring about its characteristic effect (e.
Zittrain warns that this downside now threatens the entire generative system.
When people ask us what is generative thinking, we ask them to tell us what they do at work.
Key words: generative programming, scripting model, generative application development, aspects, generator
GMD is delivered through Collaborative Generative Design (CGD), a key component of the new, integrated IBM PLM Express Portfolio.
Keywords: generative fathering, fathering, fathers and children, connection, father-child connection
The use of generic and generative methods for the development and application of interactive educational software is a relatively unexplored area in industry and education.
First Point is continuing its on-going generative exploration program throughout Central America with its joint venture partner BHP Billiton, as well as on-going generative work in Peru.
The book achieves all this by looking closely at Erasmus' theory and practice as humanist and Bible scholar, revealing the unavoidable generative interaction of his acts of reading, writing, and reforming.
This is a generative text, which generates even our belonging within and beyond its borders.
In aviation industry for example solutions such as generative design, Netfabb, Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Nastran play a key role in building the future of air travel.
The dirty little secret" in computer-aided design (CAD), says Dan Staples, Siemens PLM vice president of product development, are the "challenges" in making generative design, additive manufacturing (AM) and reverse engineering "a cohesive whole.
Linguists shed new light on the interaction of aspect and valency in the nominal domain from the perspective of frameworks couched in the generative lexicalist and constructional tradition.
You can think of generative models as giving artificial intelligence a form of imagination," Goodfellow says.
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