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Synonyms for generalship

the leadership ability of a military general

the office and authority of a general

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All this was achieved through the generalship and statesmanship of a truly great commander.
He has to control to show the judges his ring generalship.
In the wake of Shiloh, Wallace found his military career curtailed, leaving him striving to defend his generalship ever afterward.
I controlled the fight with my jab and ring generalship (even after) he went into survival mode.
In the Class 3 Thoroughbred Handicap event for horses rated 75-95, Zuhair Mohsen-trained Pearl Bridge beat Ghazali Senior's duo, Generalship and Emaad, with a ride from Marvin Suerland in the colours of Al Murqab Stud.
Each day my grandmother fought a meticulously planned battle with dirt and disorder in her home, her generalship both competent and committed.
He'll never knock you out, but Mayweather is so good at dictating the pace and using his ring generalship.
On Tuesday, after France trailed the Filipinos by 10 in the first half, Parker showed his great court generalship skills by holding the French together and leading them back in the contest.
Justine Halifax's use of the description of Sir Douglas Haig as a "butcher" seems more and more apt as one gets older and the sheer scale of slaughter under his generalship (The Somme - 420,000 British casualties and the deaths of 325,000 British soldiers at the Third Battle of Ypres) sinks in and fills you with sadness.
A stringent and detailed examination of Grant's generalship and character in the war has long been necessary.
With the size of Mayweather and just his ring generalship, I predict him knocking Pacquiao out.
He noted that Kermanshah Province's governor generalship has allocated certain budget for maintaining security of the borders in the region.
He outlines his purpose in the preface as "a study of generalship, valor, and death" (p.
The same low quality generalship was displayed in the battle of Kargal.
GENEVA -- Pakistan has sought Saudi Arabian and Kazakhstan support for the Candidacy of Secretary Generalship of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).