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Synonyms for generalship

the leadership ability of a military general

the office and authority of a general

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2 lbs, Fleming showed good movement ring generalship, leading with his jab throughout the bout.
I want to add to the Ospreys with my ball-carrying and on-the-field generalship.
Justine Halifax's use of the description of Sir Douglas Haig as a "butcher" seems more and more apt as one gets older and the sheer scale of slaughter under his generalship (The Somme - 420,000 British casualties and the deaths of 325,000 British soldiers at the Third Battle of Ypres) sinks in and fills you with sadness.
A stringent and detailed examination of Grant's generalship and character in the war has long been necessary.
It was terror, coupled with pathetic generalship -- thanks to the disastrous meddling with senior army commander by the discredited former Iraqi premier, Nuri Al-Maliki -- that caused the Iraqi Army to cut and run in the face of IS assaults.
Under the generalship of CIA Director William Casey, the U.
He noted that Kermanshah Province's governor generalship has allocated certain budget for maintaining security of the borders in the region.
The successful RBS Six Nations centre pairing of Billy Twelvetrees and Luther Burrell has been reunited, while the return of half-backs Danny Care and Owen Farrell offers far greater generalship.
He outlines his purpose in the preface as "a study of generalship, valor, and death" (p.
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has sought Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan support for the Pakistan's Candidate for Secretary Generalship of Inter-Parliamentary Union IPU.
GENEVA -- Pakistan has sought Saudi Arabian and Kazakhstan support for the Candidacy of Secretary Generalship of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
It is one thing for me, a civilian author, to question the quality of American generalship in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Fuller identified the essential attributes of successful generalship as "courage, creative intelligence and physical fitness.
Wavell in the Middle East 1939-1941; a study in generalship.
Ricks convincingly traces modern failures of generalship to their origins in the interwar period, through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom.