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Synonyms for generalisation

an idea or conclusion having general application

the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances

reasoning from detailed facts to general principles

(psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus

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La ministre, qui s'exprimait lors d'un atelier de sensibilisation organise a Tunis dans le cadre du projet de jumelage tuniso-espagnol sur le nouveau dispositif d'information medico-economique et sa generalisation a toutes les structures hospitalieres publiques, a souligne que ce programme, finance par l'Union europeenne, a demarre, dans une premiere etape (2012/2014), dans six etablissements hospitaliers moyennant un budget de 1,3 millions d'euros.
That two weeks of experience was enough to convert the generalisation patterns of those computer-naive individuals to that of regular computer users, the researchers said.
Qualitative studies are designed to offer insights rather than generalisations.
Generalisation of settlements' outlines is a challenging process owing to its complex and multifaceted nature.
Celebration a Skhirat du premier anniversaire du lancement de l'operation de generalisation du RAMED
Many years of research evidenced no standardisation of generalisation operations and terminology.
French (2002) comments that the introduction of algebra through what is potentially a wide range of pattern generalisation activities may be effective in assisting pupils to see algebra as both meaningful and purposeful right from the earliest stages.
So, please stop fuelling antagonism towards young people by using the word "youth" as a derogatory, negative generalisation and focus, more accurately, on criminals.
Lee Cronbach (1975) wrote the only generalisation I have ever encountered in social science that I am confident will still stand unchallenged in a hundred years' time.
This is a blatant generalisation and Mr Mruc is being ageist.
For example the teacher may want the students to be familiar with the generalisation 'When a word ends in a consonant + y, change the 'y' to an 'I' and add 'es' when making the word plural'.
The search for definitions was restricted to two publications on the topic: the Marketing Science special issue on empirical generalisation (Vol.
On the other hand, one cannot require that the generalisations be true because, first, it is surely possible that a certain type of theory is warranted even though it is not true, and second, if one has to assess whether a generalisation is true, we have not been given any further guidance as to when one should adopt a certain type of theory which, one presumes, was the aim of putting forward such a proposal.
The Generalisation of Geographic Information: Cartographic Modelling and Applications text provides a detailed review of state of the art technologies associated with these challenges, including the most recent developments in cartometric analysis techniques able to support high levels of automation among multi scale derivation techniques.
La ceremonie de celebration du premier anniversaire du lancement de l'operation de generalisation du Regime d'Assistance Medicale (RAMED) s'est tenue, mercredi a Skhirat, sous le signe [beaucoup moins que]le RAMED, un projet societal pour un Maroc solidaire : Bilan et perspectives[beaucoup plus grand que].