general relativity theory

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a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence)

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Einstein's General Relativity Theory also leads to the beginning of the universe from a singularity.
In the above-mentioned cases, the Newtonian limit of special and general relativity theory, the assumption is made that the limiting case v/c [right arrow] is equivalent to the limiting case c [right arrow] [infinity].
According to general relativity theory, mass and energy are equivalent.
Research on Einstein's general relativity theory requires massive computing resources," said Edward Seidel, head of the Numerical Relativity Group at AEI.
Albert Einstein presents special theory of relativity: general relativity theory to follow, 1905.
One example: Nerlich claims that in General Relativity Theory gravitational forces are completely geometricized in the sense that the trajectory of a massive body in a gravitational field is described as that of a "force-free body" (p.
This is the major obstacle toward achieving a quantized version of general relativity theory.
Scientists will use NCSA's IBM eServer clusters to study a wide range of research problems, from how gas flows over surfaces at supersonic speeds to simulations of black hole collisions, which demonstrate principles of Einstein's General Relativity Theory.
If detected, Chen's effect -- a derivative of the gravitational Faraday effect -- would provide strong evidence of the correctness of Einstein's general relativity theory in the "strong-field regime," or an environment in close proximity to a black hole.
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