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a physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses

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The general practitioner had pleaded not guilty and denied breaching any medical instructions.
The general practitioner, using the electronic patient record, can activate BloodLink to order blood tests.
The text is clearly written and well illustrated, and altogether it is a good guide for the general practitioner as well as for students.
In England 52per cent of those asked supported the principle compared with 45per cent when the same question was asked three years ago, according to the survey in General Practitioner newspaper.
The ALI-ABA (Philadelphia, PA) has released an updated edition of What the General Practitioner Should Know About Patent Law & Practice.
Murphy studied outcomes of patients with subacute illnesses presenting to a busy emergency department in Britain who were randomly triaged to either a general practitioner or an emergency department physician.
A focus of this program is providing outreach services to patients who are not able to travel for medical services and/or have not been able to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable community-based general practitioner.
In this sense, the accounting general practitioner serves as a court of first resort for clients seeking help with complex problems.
The general practitioner in British Columbia now may bill the provincial health plan for only $300,000 in total costs.
In most cases it takes more than the promise of a career challenge to attract a general practitioner who is willing to call Northern Ontario his or her home.
Appendix C: Selected General Practitioner Fees by County Population and National Percentiles
London, Sep 22 ( ANI ): A senior General Practitioner in the UK is under investigation after she advised junior doctors from Africa and Asia to try speaking in 'lyrical' Scottish or Welsh accents if they wanted jobs in those countries.
Written by a general practitioner and a psychiatrist to offer both perspectives, this resource will help general practitioners, primary care mental health workers, and trainees recognize mental illness in primary care settings.
Try the Memory Impairment Screen, the Mini-Cog, and the General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition tests.
The acquired assets include general practitioner medical titles Quotidien du Medicin, a weekly and Le Generaliste, a bi-weekly, and Quotidien du Pharmacien, a bi-weekly for pharmacists, a trade show division that operates the biennial trade show, "Hopital Expo," and the annual doctors conference/exhibition "Medec," and MediMedia Support which provides administrative services to the French entities of MediMedia.
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