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the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and (nonsurgical) treatment of diseases of the internal organs (especially in adults)

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2] Senior Resident, Department of General Medicine, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore.
Mohammed Ismail, said the pediatric clinic treated 1289 patients, while the general medicine clinics provided treatment to 1501.
A consultant in general medicine has to pass a post-graduate medical examination, often the MRCP, before going on to specialise.
The contract has been signed to support the latter in broadening its general medicines portfolio in emerging markets.
General Medicine is the nation's leading provider of specialized post-hospitalist medical care services to managed care organizations, Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible programs, Medicare Advantage Plans, accountable care organizations' high-value provider networks, hospital systems and hospitalist programs.
Eoe1/4EoThis is the first time that the RCP, perhaps the most venerated professional body in the field of medicine in the world, has joined hands with SQU, OMS and MoH to disseminate and share the latest advances made in various specialities of general medicine.
Among 159 patients aged 65 years or older, discharged from the general medicine service at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center during a 5-week period beginning March 17, 2008, 52 (32.
Each issue is designed to carry information on general research topics and clinical trends in rheumatology and includes: information on interpreting research for clinical practitioners; relevant general medicine topic coverage; profiles of, and interviews with, innovators and industry leaders; information on public policy trends; and, career development and practice management data and resources.
Bobrow, has practiced general medicine for over thirty years and has also published many articles, so The Witch in the Waiting Room: A Physician Investigates Paranormal Phenomena in Medicine comes not from a new age outsider but from a respected physician who uses case studies and analysis from respected medical journals to investigate evidence of the paranormal in medical diagnosis.
Results of chi-square analysis revealed that rates of both screening and diagnostic testing were elevated if the woman was younger than 25, nonwhite or covered by Medicaid; they were higher at gynecology clinics than at general medicine or pediatric clinics, and higher if the purpose of the visit was preventive care than otherwise.
Occupational and environmental medicine practitioners must know general medicine, but they also have to be aware of the clinical aspects of toxicology, risk assessment and identification of exposures, epidemiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, and public health.
352; English and Spanish-speaking support groups for women with AIDS/HIV and who have significant others with the virus, teen clinics, STD screenings, counseling, general medicine, nutrition information and vaccinations, (818) 763-8836; low-cost optometry care in North Hollywood, (818) 764-7047.
Thomson MICROMEDEX has launched DISEASEDEX General Medicine that supports clinicians with the identification of best practices for treating diseases through synthesized medical evidence.
Van Lieburg not only consulted treatises devoted entirely to children's health, but also scrutinized books on general medicine, including those by foreigners published in Dutch translation, for passages about the diseases or discomforts of children.
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