general lien

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a lien on all the property owned by a debtor and not just a specific property

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Although this 10-year lien runs from the date of death, the installment payment period generally runs from the normal payment due date, nine months after the date of death, thus reducing the time the general lien protects the government to nine years and three months.
A random sampling of those terms: credit card, dun, general lien, land banking, multiple regression, reassessment, and warehouse.
Luiz argued Green Valley's creditors could have filed a general lien on his personal property while the guarantees were in effect.
Even though the prior lien bonds would mature in 1997, the same restrictions in the general lien bonds would continue.
There is also a general lien basket that limits liens (and sale-leaseback transactions) to 15% of net tangible assets (there is a 10% limit for the notes maturing in 2021, 2029, and 2031).
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