gene expression

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conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein

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2015 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard is the fifth in a series that characterizes the dynamic market for products for profiling gene expression.
Changes in gene expression underlie many biological phenomena.
Cell lines are treated with different regimens, and then examined for gene expression changes using microarrays.
Other approaches to sorting gene expression data for toxicogenomics have included several "unsupervised" methods, in which modeling programs search for patterns within data and generate models of toxicity without being given any hint as to what kinds of expression pat terns the researchers expect to find.
The MAQC project successfully compared multiple whole-genome gene expression profiles across various commercial platforms at an unprecedented scale.
Taken together, the data provide a big-picture view with considerable detail: the pattern of gene expression indicates that exposure to HCB triggers an inflammatory response that touches all of the organ systems studied except the thymus, as well as other effects not related to the immune system.
Gene Logic is known for having one of the most extensive repositories of reliable human and animal gene expression data in the world, built on a foundation of strict operational and quality standards, based on experience processing over 180,000 microarrays.
The second project, in partnership with Schering-Plough and Affymetrix services provider Expression Analysis, based in Durham, North Carolina, is building a database for mock gene expression data submissions.
The resulting patterns of color form a gene expression profile, or signature, that points out a possible toxic condition.
DiaGenic ASA and its collaborative partner, IMGM Laboratories GmbH, Munich, used Applied Biosystems gene expression technology in a research study to identify a gene expression signature characteristic for AD in easily collectable peripheral blood samples.
First, patterns of gene expression relating to biological pathways are robust enough to allow insight into the mechanisms' of toxicity.
For high-throughput plant gene expression and regulation studies, we need a highly efficient and effective workflow," said Professor Steve Ladunga at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Technical and policy issues that need to be addressed include a) opportunities for shared learning in the public domain, b) accessibility to publicly held gene expression databases, c) understanding of the predictive capabilities of the technologies before widespread application, d) availability of prevalence data, e) privacy and confidentiality concerns, f) security and discrimination issues, g) counseling for coping with genetic information, h) use and premature use of "omics" data, and i) defining the regulatory positions on "omics" data.
OSLO, Norway -- Pilot Study Shows Peripheral Blood-Based Gene Expression Assay Can Be Employed to Discriminate Patients with Parkinson and Alzheimer's Disease
As with the larger field of gene expression analysis, toxicogenomics faces the problems of probe an notation and data comparison across different array platforms.