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The metaphorical power of the gene is especially striking when inanimate objects - particularly automobiles - are marked as "successful" by virtue of genes.
He must have the drummer gene." A host of the October 21, 1992, "Today Show" introduced the daughter of singer Marvin Gaye as having her father's "talent genes." And in the CBS coverage of the 1992 Olympic ice skating competition, Scott Hamilton said that Japanese skater Yuko Sato had a "genetic advantage" because her parents were skaters, too.
4) T-cells with ADA gene copy are multiplied further in gas-permeable bags.
The hereditary hearing loss that results from defective genes may be syndromic or nonsyndromic, dominant or recessive.
Moreover, the identical twin of someone with MS, who shares all the same genes, has about a 1 in 3, or even higher, chance of developing the disease.
The position and relative direction of each overlapping gene was identified using human genome assembly GRCh 38/ hg38.
Geneticist Bruce Lahn of the University of Chicago calls HAR1F "a strong candidate gene" for examining how changes in DNA sequence have contributed to the emergence of the distinctly human brain.
Changes in the gene expression associated with carbon tetrachloride-induced liver fibrosis persist after cessation of dosing in mice.
In public databases, we identified sequences reported as human genes expressed in kidney mesangial cells.
The primary product offered by Gene Express is its StaRT-PCR patented, platform technology, providing standardized, quantitative, measurement of nucleic acid copy number, enabling multi-gene measurement of transcript abundance, and/or genomic DNA copy number.
contain ingredients that have been injected with foreign genes, hereditary information in cells that control an organism's growth.
"Our initial exploration made us realize we can expand our Blue Gene project to deliver more commercially viable architectures for a broad customer set, and still accomplish our original goal of protein science simulations," said Mark Dean, vice president of systems, IBM Research.
Until recently, the PTO only had to deal with a trickle of gene applicants.
For example, the gene for the devastating disease Huntington's chorea is found on chromosome 4.
It says it's well on the way to redefining physiology, pathology, and development in terms of changes in gene use.