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Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

an impudent statement

either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

impudent aggressiveness

speak impudently to

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Gena was rushed to the hospital six times with several symptoms, including rib pain, breathing difficulties, full-body tremors and joint pain, following the MRI scan, reports
Za RFLP analizu smo koristili produkte lancane reakcije polimeraze (PCR) dobijene amplifikacijom dela cetvrtog egzona apoE gena iz dezoksiribonukleinske kiseline (DNK) uzoraka dobijenih izolacijom iz leukocita pune krvi dva zdrava dobrovoljca.
Gena cannot eat, swim, or interact with fellow crocodiles.
The clypeus, supraclypeal area, vertex, gena, disc of scutum, and terga are also more densely punctate than in M.
Peoples Bank Real Estate Loan Representative Gena Stremler was appointed by 2008 President Del Jacobson to fill a vacancy on the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County board of directors.
Home Schooling Methods: Seasoned Advice On Learning Styles offers an in-depth and comprehensive methodology for homeschooling a child's education, deftly edited, and is replete with consistent of contributions drawn from the expertise and experience of Paul & Gena Suarez, as well as additional words from Ruth Beechick, Clay and Sally Clarkson, Christine Field, Diana Waring, and others.
- It can open any doorStarring: Kate Hudson, Peter Sarsgaard, Joy Bryant, Forrest Landis, Gena Rowlands Directed by: Iain Softley Produced by: Clayton Townsend, Daniel Bobker, Stacey Sher As I mentally review what happens in The Skeleton Key, I think there may be a couple of loopholes, but to describe them would betray too much of the plot, which depends on a series of escalating surprises.
8 JOHN CASSAVETES, OPENING NIGHT (1977) In this harrowing metaphysical shocker, Cassavetes's wife Gena Rowlands plays an actress suffering a Margo Channing-like age crisis during rehearsals for a play.
Actuan: Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, Peter Sarsgaard, John Hurt, Joy Bryant, Suspenso.
Camp survivor Gena Turgel, who is in her 80s, from Stanmore, Middlesex, wore a dress made out of a parachute for the ceremony.
Gena Lewis, a former immigration officer and now an attorney for World Relief-Chicago, said it is already too difficult to get asylum.
BAYWATCH babe Gena Lee Nolin was grabbed by a crazed stalker at her home, police have revealed.
Then he and his wife, Gena, brought in artwork, colorful furnishings, and container plantings.
They even got the divine actress Gena Rowlands to chime in.
Children with autism frequently are unresponsive to others, fail to make eye contact, and miss social cues such as a person's facial, verbal, postural, and gestural responses (Gena, Krantz, McClannahan, Poulson, 1996).