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"While marketers should keep their eyes on Gen Z and millennials, they shouldn't abandon Gen X and boomers.
As Gen Bajwa's current tenure was to end on Nov 28, he will now remain in office till the penultimate year of Mr Khan's tenure.
Gen Beg said Generals Ayub Khan, Ziaul Haq and Musharraf had given themselves extensions after assuming power.
Apart from Pompeo, the chief of army staff met Acting Defense Secretary Richard Spencer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Joseph F.
"Bilateral relationship holds potential for both countries and would also assist in regional stability," Gen Bajwa was quoted as saying.
Period poverty was also increasingly of interest, and you spoke up about the impact it has had: showing 21 per cent of Gen X have experienced it and 14 per cent knowing someone who has suffered because of it.
According to the statement released Sunday night by the Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sagir Musa, erstwhile Chief of Administration (Army), Maj Gen K.
Gen Munir's eight-month stint as the ISI chief was probably one of the shortest among those who had served this office.
Gen Faiz was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in April and then was posted as adjutant General at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi.
He would now return to head the ISI, replacing Lt Gen Asim Munir, who barely served in the agency for only few months.
On Monday, members of the Defence Council returned to State House to once again brief the President after their meeting on Friday ended inconclusively after they failed to announce any changes.After the Friday visit to State House, a senior military officer told the Nation that it had been decided that Gen Mwathethe's term be extended a year.
Gen. Choi Byung-hyuk, vice Army chief of staff, will become deputy commander of the South Korea-U.S.
2/ promotion of Gen. Abdul-Fatah Burhan to the rank of Lieutenant General.
Drop by at Gen Korean BBQ House at SM by the Bay today!
Gen. Adeyemi Adetayo moves from Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) to Department of Army Standard and Evaluation as Director, Procurement and Projects.