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large South African oryx with a broad black band along its flanks

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The South African National Parks (SANParks), which already manages the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, will also ensure that the integrity of the outstanding universal value of the property is sustained and that the Khomani community will continue to be involved and benefit from their cultural heritage, she said.
Our objectives were to compare seasonal changes in dietary quality using fecal nitrogen (FN) and fecal 2,6-diaminopimelic acid (FDAPA), and diet composition and overlap using fecal microhistology of pellets collected from sympatric pronghorn and gemsbok during periods with average precipitation and drought conditions.
We would be hunting eland, kudu, zebra, blue wildebeest, warthog, impala, gemsbok, etc., and I had killed multiples of each, so this one was all about the experience, and I knew bringing the double into the picture would really change the game.
On the other hand, we would have the potential rewards of encountering shipwrecks marooned inland, abandoned mining villages, whale graveyards and a surprising plethora of wildlife ranging from flamingos, fur seals and gemsbok to scorpions, snakes and hyenas.
Otobius megnini parasitizes domesticated animals, such as cattle, as well as native and exotic wildlife (Becklund, 1968) such as Addax nasomaculatus (addax), Oryx gazella (gemsbok), Tragelaphus angasii (nyala), Hippotragus niger (sable antelope), Giraffa camelopardalis (giraffe), and Equus quagga (zebras).
Botswana is a unique country, home to mopane trees, gemsbok gazelle and a black rhino named Trouble.
"I watch them slaughter a Gemsbok, which is a kind of antelope.
Charcuterie has prospered, for instance with biltong, cured meat made from beef or venison, notably springbok, gemsbok, or kudu, and spiced with warm, citrusy coriander seeds.
Currently a golden gemsbok can fetch as much as N$300,000 at auction while disease free buffalo fetches close to N$800,000.
So if you see a gemsbok or impala head in Brimfield and want to buy it, do so without fear.
At a price comparable to a guided caribou hunt, you can kill a half-dozen or more animals such as kudu, gemsbok, zebra, wildebeest, and hartebeest.
For the first couple of years I lived with my parents and drank gemsbok milk.
The top animal on my hit list was a trophy gemsbok. After a few days of long hours in the blind, this nice bull came out at last light.
And by the time we glimpsed the Atlantic, meadows full of beautiful white, yellow, orange and purple blooms were laid out before us in their full floral splendour as eland, gemsbok and kudu delicately p[icked through them.
It is just under 50,000 km and home to black rhino, gemsbok, HartmannOs zebra, giraffe, springbok, brown hyena, and leopard.