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Worried about Gemma's distress, Lucas asked if she wanted some ice to place on her vagina as she began stressing about how much discomfort she was in.
They congratulated Rialp for his riveting performance and Gemma for including history at the launch.
When Gemma said "I don't really want to see Piers Morgan pre make-up" did she mean her make-up or his?
Gemma has previously spoken of her traumatic birth.
Among the many laugh out loud moments, Gemma gets violent with a candle, Rick swings from planets, Gemma and Arg have a couple's fight and Rick feels Gemma's wrath.
Gemma, who calls herself The GC, has also been struggling with abuse from trolls online.
Family and friends wore blue and pink to celebrate Gemma's life.
A horse-drawn carriage bearing Gemma's coffin led the funeral procession with mourners entering the cemetery chapel to Beyonce's song Halo.
A source close to her says: "Gemma's online clothing business is doing really well and she has opened another shop."
Gemma, who lives with her family in Thornaby, said: "My term was 41 weeks and five days.
Gemma said the family, including her children and grandchildren, often smelled the whiff of a freshly extinguished candle, which she believed was Danica's way of reminding them that she was around.
2 QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008) JAMES BOND )Daniel Craig) is out for revenge aided by MI6 agent Strawberry Fields (Gemma).
"Am gyfnod roedd Dani a Gemma yn rhannu fflat ac yn gwneud lot efo'i gilydd ond nawr bod Dani efo Gary ac yn helpu i fagu Gwern, does ganddi ddim llawer o amser i Gemma," meddai Catrin Mai, o Ruddlan, sy'n chwarae Gemma Charles.
MAE cymeriad Gemma wedi cael cyfnodau anodd ers iddi ymddangos gyntaf ar Pobol y Cwm.