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a type of dynamite in which the nitroglycerin is absorbed in a base of wood pulp and sodium or potassium nitrate


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A police spokesman said: "A woman found a stick of industrial gelignite in a shed at an address in Tan-y-Bwlch, Blaenau Ffestiniog .
Among the weapons seized by the police in the raid were a Kalashnikov rifle, three magazines, three pistols, two automatic pistols, 350 grams of gelignite, two hand grenades and various explosives.
This past week I have made it my business to seek out former shotfirers who used gelignite under ground to advance parallel drivages on the road ways that served each end of the long wall coal faces.
"Ils se sont tire dessus et ont lance de la gelignite" generalement utilisee pour la peche, a explique cet habitant , ajoutant que ces violences ont eu lieu a l'aube.
Today, the Army's Bomb Disposal Squad and other emergency services rushed to a demolition site on Low Friar Steet, near Newgate Street, Newcastle, after workman Alfie Walker found 36 sticks of gelignite and detonators stuffed into a plastic bag.
We blew up the doors using sticks of gelignite. Then we tossed hand grenades into the houses and bombarded them with gunfire."
The installation also features a giant stick of gelignite, three huge "chocolate" snowballs and a pot of "molten" metal.
They team up with a Japanese sidekick, Rinko Kikuchi, who only has a few words of English and a passion for gelignite that suggests she learned her work with explosives from watching The Italian Job.
1 Repulse; 2 Gelignite; 3 Rascal; 5 File; 6 Interior; 7 Inept; 8 Loyalty; 11 Mistake; 14 Stately; 17 Alexander; 18 Sparerib; 19 Cherish; 21 Retired; 22 Casino; 24 Preen; 26 Dado.
Suspecting it to be a bomb he swiftly dumped the package in a bucket of water, knowing that this would render the gelignite charge useless.
Further evidence can be gleaned from 2005, when the third-round winners comprised: Droopys Marco (Fraser Black), Blue Majestic (Graham), Velvet Rebel (Lister), Geldrops Touch (Owen McKenna), Ballymac Niloc (Carly Philpott), Count Gelignite (Sean Bourke), Lenson Thierry (Seamus Cahill) and Toms View (Phil McComish).
ONE of the alleged July 21 bombers has admitted making all the home-made devices, described in court yesterday as being as powerful as TNT or gelignite.
As wake-up calls go, this was like a stick of gelignite in a biscuit tin.
He was told there were 30lbs of gelignite available for an attack.
He planted the timer - taken from a video recorder - and the gelignite behind a panel in the bathroom of Room 629 - five floors above the suite to be occupied by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.