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Synonyms for gelid

Synonyms for gelid

extremely cold

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Metals/jewels: The "empty mirror's" (1.3,5) luster and purifying "jewels" (1.11) seem promising, but "harden" and turn "gelid" in II; by III we confront a deadened "needle-thorn thorp." The "jade stars" and heavenly "jewels" in IV/V register ambivalently; only when the "coralline clink" of "mourning rosegems" from VIII thaws into melted "jade" at sequence's end can we view Meng's jewels as unambiguously positive.
On occasion, Bloodworth comes out with arcane words like gelid or cositive but generally sticks with his clumsy yet surprisingly articulate style of talking and of thinking.
"His face was lime white, his lips loose and twisted, his eyes dull, gelid and sunk." Later, Brinnin would write that Dylan's drunkenness "seemed to be touched frighteningly with a streak of insanity".
Abdrazakova's father is Tartar, from the gelid Kemerovo Oblast and she was born in Kazakhstan.
Despite the numbing weight of poverty, racism, and now the unrelenting weather, he is cold but not frozen: "gelid thoughts" continue to "eddy beneath the frozen sweep of the Erie" that constitutes his "high forehead." His reliable stolidity is contrasted to Cholly's inability to handle the economic, physical, and emotional challenges represented by a Midwestern winter.
I picked up that gelid shell with its slimy slick of hairy algae and the tiny clams growing like warts by the lip, closed my eyes, and tipped the cold horror down my throat.
I would reach into a cool gelid murk, leaning forward, straining for purchase, farther and farther and finding nothing, not even the back wall of the safe, until my arm up to the shoulder had been swallowed, then my face, and finally me, whole.
The gun is reachable through the upper front of the garment, but the coat shields it from scratchy brush, rust-inducing rain and snow and icy cold that can turn the lubricant inside gelid and compromise the handgun's function.
Suddenly we are there, in this empty gallery, on a freezing morning, watching this man dust antiquities in the gelid light.
The gelid wind has another cause, but you will not know it, not even surmise it, for another five minutes or so.
"His attention span may be somewhat limited--he prefers skimming along crystalline surfaces to probing gelid depths--but his voice is so engaging and his writing so crisp that I was usually happy to keep him company wherever he zigzagged." DAVID LASKIN
Gelid kalla osteoporozu oldukla nadir gorulen ve henuz etiyolojisi tam olarak aliklanamamis bir hastaliktir.
--Madame Bovary BONHEUR: A BRIEF ESSAY Thus there was a certain poverty of sheetless beds, the gelid climate of a room sans radiateur in the youth hostel.