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a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancing

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There is the beautiful scenery, such as the awe-inspiring Mt.Fuji, the coy geishas, and the ephemeral cherry blossoms.
Despite this fascination, Americans lack sound sources of information on geisha. The most popular book on the topic, Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha, was written by a Western man and criticized by both feminists and Japanese readers for exploiting the story of the woman he interviewed.
Some 150,000 yen out of the 580,000 yen spent was used to invite geisha to the party, it said.
Arthur Golden's first novel, "Memoirs of a Geisha," caused quite a stir in the literary world when it was published in 1997.
Geisha Japan sidesteps most of this hassle by offering events in English, as well as tying up with certain establishments to offer an events that feature Maiko.
She mixed for us Modern Geisha, a pretty vodka-based cocktail with layers of mango and blue curacao.
The play, which will be presented in English, is developed around the ancient tradition of the tea ceremony, and will see a Geisha invite the theatre audience to an evening of comfort and delight, wealth and luxury, appearance and well-being.
The documentary is still on hold but Sayuki debuted as a geisha in 2007 after 11 months of intense training to be one.
Geisha Megumi's life is dedicated to spreading the pleasures of geisha omotenashi (hospitality) in Hachioji Nakacho, an area of Tokyo, and revealing the world of karyukai (the geisha world - literally, "The Flower and Willow World") in everyday life.
My interest was first peaked in 1997 by Memoirs Of A Geisha. A literary sensation and runaway bestseller, I read this book first time around when it was published 21 years ago and at the time I was struck by how the author had been able to create such an incredibly beautiful book.
Southern California specialty coffee roaster Klatch Coffee began selling the world's most expensive cup of coffee in November, offering consumers a taste of Esmerelda Geisha 601 for USD $55 per eight-ounce pour.
'The 601 Experience' is about sharing the world-renowned Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Canas Verdes lot Montana Geisha Natural with the world.
As part of a leadership succession plan, the Board of Directors of PG&E Corporation today elected Geisha Williams, 55, as Chief Executive Officer and President of PG&E Corporation.
This She'd done this many times, prepared many 15-year-olds for their initiation into the world of Geisha. Today Satomi would be accepted as a Maiko, a trainee.
One of them is an old geisha -- who gave you the idea for the character?