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a man who is (usually) old and/or eccentric

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Old geezers hold the door open for the next person and always when walking make certain the lady is on the inside for her protection.
Technically, relay teams are supposed to have two to four runners, but Thurston says The Geezers are in it for the sake of participation, not competition.
Self-proclaimed gun geezer Massad Ayoob likes this Geezer Gun with Geezer Sights.
We could balance the federal budget and the budget of every state in America if we could just get rid of the greedy geezers who collect retirement benefits.
"It's always just before the major tournaments that the old geezers wake up.
Trainer Karl Burke helped himself to a double when sending out Geezers Colours and Dickie Le Davoir to take the 7f juvenile novice and 7f claimer.
Some of you fellow geezers out there (or semi-geezers, even) will recall that Robert Novak used to be only half of famous duo, maybe even the junior half.
A Bert for the geezers. Shawn Kylm reclines in Hawaii.
Growing demand is just half of the story There are a lot of geezers about to retire in the resource industries.
Thomas, a senior fellow with Accenture's Institute for Strategic Change in Cambridge, Mass., the book sets up the two classes quite simply: "geezers" are recognized leaders who are over 70; "geeks" are aged 20 to 35, and would be young enough to be grandchildren of many of the geezers.
But according to a new book by KATE KRAY (left), with amazing pictures by top celebrity photographer DAVID BAILEY, they are all 24-carat diamond geezers - Bad Guys who have redeemed themselves in some way to become Good Guys.
CDs with big symphonic performances (like these) are selling poorly; such music is fading from radio; concert audiences are made up of geezers; and several major-city orchestras face collapse.
When I raved about George Best, he'd rave about Stanley Matthews and a lot of old geezers I'd never heard of and I'd roll my eyes in my head.
WOGAN'S GUIDE TO BEING AN OLD GEEZER (BBC1, 6.20pm) TERRY WOGAN knows a thing or two about old geezers - they are an important part of his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.