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any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids

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We don't know whether he ate the gecko. He never mentioned it."
The woman managed to put the gecko in a sandwich box with air holes and called the RSPCA.
Robotic end-effector tooling developer OnRobot ( has taken this and developed what it calls the "Gecko Gripper" for the manipulation of flat, smooth objects with millions of micro-scaled fibrillar stacks that mimic the hairs on the feet of geckos.
She spotted the gecko, which was the size of her thumb, on an umbrella which she had in her case.
hubergroup's Gecko ink series received the Cradle to Cradle Silver Material Health Certificate for the Gecko Green Line Premium series.
However it was spotted again on Tuesday (December 11) and the RSPCA were informed, who discovered that the house gecko was actually from Barbados, where the woman had been on holiday in October.
Instagram can also help build a brand with consumer recognition that rivals GEICO's gecko and the Aflac duck, he said.
Abubaker Seddiq Al Khoori, chairman, TNI, said: "This dynamic partnership, whereby NCC acquired majority shares in both Grako and Gecko, will add new momentum to business growth for all parties immediately and in the long run."
Both Grako and Gecko will continue to operate independently, led by their founder and chief executive officer, Alain El-Tawil, who is keen on expanding his Abu Dhabi operations further by "leveraging NCC's well-established client base and reach especially in the oil and gas and maritime industries".
Simeone finally discovered a small green gecko sitting on top of the laboratory phone's touch screen while cluelessly making another phone call with its sticky little paws.
An international research team, studying reptile fauna in the sultanate, has discovered a new species of gecko of the genus Asaccus endemic to the Eastern Hajar Mountains of Oman.
"The findings indicate that gecko brains are constantly renewing brain cells, something that humans are notoriously bad at doing."
Gecko Biomedical has been granted EUR6m in funding under the Investments for the Future programme (Programme d'investissements d'avenir, PIA), the private company disclosed on Wednesday.
A TINY gecko was found at a Manchester warehouse after travelling 'thousands of miles' from overseas in a shipment of beer.
First record of cannibalism in the Lima leaf-toed gecko, Phyllodactylus sentosus (Reptilia, Phyllodactylidae)