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a set of gears

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This transmission has one simple planetary gearset and a Ravineaux planetary system.
The planetary gearset may be the most common MDOF, which is a two-degrees of freedom (DOF) device.
Dual-motor electric mode engages the second motor and planetary gearset to reduce the speed of the primary electric motor at higher speeds in order to improve efficiency and mileage without increasing output.
For example the 20-speed Shimano XTR derailleur gearset is tried and tested by competitors worldwide while other features include Magura hydraulic disc-brakes and Crank Brothers wheels with low-rolling resistance tyres.
Included in the group are beefier sway bars, specific front springs, a strut tower brace, unique calipers with Performance Friction pads, 19-inch wheels shod with 255/40R19 rubber (in grippier "summer" compound), 3.31 cogs (2.73 is the normal rear gearset), and a stability control system specially programmed with a sport mode.
The SBT 2400 gearmotor combines proven IL planetary series technology with a high capacity bevel gearset in a tubular housing.
The research engine will use an electro-hydraulic valvetrain to do this, although a cheaper mechanical system using an epicyclic gearset could also be used, and would be the company's preferred option for the future if it proves as effective, said Dave Greenwood, chief engineer for advanced technology at Ricardo.
The AWD system uses a wet-type multi-disc clutch along with a planetary gearset in the transfer case.
The gearset is non-magnetic and immune to interference.
Precise location of each gear is critical to achieving optimal gear and bearing life, and quiet operation - an important consideration because the gearset is located directly beneath the operator's cab.
It has worn out the multi-disc clutch packs that engage each gear, and debris from the clutches has probably damaged the planetary gearset - the mechanical drive system in the transmission.
The drive axle contains the final drive gearset, most important because it's the key factor in effective overall multiplication of the engine's horsepower and torque output.
[1.] Bhide, S., "Analytical Mechanical Loss Model for Planetary Gearset," SAE Technical Paper 2015-01-1090, 2015, doi:10.4271/2015-01-1090.
All of which means that there is a nearly infinite range of "gear ratios"--but realize that there are no gears per se (although a planetary gearset is used to allow the transmission to shift between forward and reverse).