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wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed

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Three decades later, we've grown into a global leader in electric motor, gearing and value-add motor assembly solutions by continuously providing the highest level of customer service to our clients.
The objective in solving planetary gearing problems is usually to determine the number of turns of the driver required to produce one turn of the follower or, vice versa, the number of turns of the follower produced by one turn of the driver.
I think much of our success is derived from the fact that we have focused on particular sizes, and we've said no to the very small or very large gears and no to the spiral bevels or nonparalleling gearing," he said.
But treading lightly on Mother Nature means more than low-impact--it also involves gearing up responsibly.
Yeager credits the emergence of this trendy segment of the bike market to simplified gearing systems that are not only making the two-wheelers high-tech but fashionable and fun to ride.
Though gearing has been the primary beneficiary of shot peened ADI, other applications using this combination of materials and process are common, i.