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Caption: Heraeus laid claim to a world record in additive manufacturing by producing the largest gear wheel made of amorphous metals.
He used his knowledge to develop a product that could inexpensively reduce a major area of drag on the airplane--the exposed main landing gear wheels. When Cessna had changed from an electro-mechanical to hydraulic landing gear with the development of the models 402C, 414A and 421C, it simplified the system by omitting gear doors for the main landing gear wheels.
To refine the results and find the best dimensions for the tip reliefs of the gear and rack teeth, 2 complete 3D Finite Element Models are developed to simulate the gear/rack systems of both sides of the gear wheel. The study is focused on the Contact Pressure, as it was the cause of the observed damages.
--for the second prototype: element lengths: [h.sub.1]=30 mm; [h.sub.2] = 70 mm, [h.sub.3] = 135 mm; worm gear transmission with worm gear [z.sub.1]=1 (one thread) and cylindrical gear wheels with [z.sub.2] = 39, [z.sub.3] = 39, [z.sub.4] = 44 teeth (three of each); wheels radius 25 mm; weight: 550 g.
Componenta Albin is located in Kristinehamn, Sweden, and specialises in the manufacturing of gear wheel components mainly for the automotive industry.
The mounting of an AE sensor directly on the gearwheel was not possible because of the shape and size of the gear wheel and the dimensions of the gearbox.
Amongst other components, FSG FERNSTEUERGERAETE will present live ring encoders with a spring-loaded external gear wheel that serve to detect the swing angle and speed of telescopic crane booms.
When he reentered the hangar, he noticed the main landing gear wheel well ground wire was glowing red despite the fact that power was not yet actually applied to the aircraft.
Because dialysis machines must be disinfected frequently, with chlorine at ambient temperatures or with citric acid heated to 185[degrees]F, the gear wheel had to be made of a chemically resistant material.
At the moment, igus is observing a trend towards systems with individual connection possibilities for drives through gear wheels. For these applications, the company can supply design 01 with a gear wheel fitted.
Post-accident examination revealed damage to the nose landing gear steering stops, the nose landing gear down lock mechanism and the nose landing gear wheel well sidewall.
This complete suite of solutions will include landing gear wheel tachometers and cockpit brake pedal transmitter units.
Kaba and Emcor worked closely to source parts and repair the gear wheel. Many local suppliers were used in the refurbishment.