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All of the qualities of gear wheels will be useful in the contentious issues they are to address.
After all, the Reliance gear wheel which enabled Rosetta's solar panels to open out to provide it with power took six months and thousands of pounds of research.
The first one involved a man whose body was found in February inside the landing gear wheel well of an Airbus A340 of South African Airways at the Dulles International Airport in Washington.
Tenders are invited for Gear Wheel 77 Teeth To Rdso,S Drg.
The company designed and built a gear wheel for the satellite which enabled the module's solar panels to open out.
Developed in partnership with IMS Gear of Nuremberg, Germany, an international leader in gear wheel engineering and gear systems, the Buehler motor-gear combinations are designed for demanding applications such as drives for windows and doors, material handling and agriculture that require high-torque transmission as well as highest possible standards in terms of maximum working life under high loads.
When he reentered the hangar, he noticed the main landing gear wheel well ground wire was glowing red despite the fact that power was not yet actually applied to the aircraft.
The frequency of the digital current output signal is proportional to the rotational speed of a gear wheel.
Limited Tenders are invited for Pinion Shaft & Gear Wheel & Spiral Bevel Pinion & Wheel
Shuttle project office documents obtained by AW&ST spell out how wing gouge damage near the landing gear wheel well or wing leading edge, could combine with Columbia-type wing roughness in a "fatal combination" that would spike reentry temperatures to nearly 1,000 deg.
The contract announced today, financial details of which were not disclosed, includes the landing gear wheel tachometers and cockpit brake pedal transmitter units.
Fuji Heavy Industries will handle detailed design and assembly of the center wing box and integration of the center wing box with the main landing gear wheel well.
A rotor consisting of a large gear wheel is actuated by the steering column and drives two smaller gear wheels with different numbers of teeth (on the Nonius principle).
This complete suite of solutions will include landing gear wheel tachometers and cockpit brake pedal transmitter units.