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He used his knowledge to develop a product that could inexpensively reduce a major area of drag on the airplane--the exposed main landing gear wheels.
In this case the detection of faults at the gear wheel is possible only with a close fit between shaft and gear wheel.
This industry offers excellent growth prospects for ECMs as it extensively uses electrochemical deburring (ECD) machines to deburr the internal burrs of various components such as gear wheels, gear wheel shafts, clutch shafts, and crank shafts.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of main gear wheel of hoist gear train for 24/96 dragline of abocp of block-ii area.
And today we show how it has been taken out of this world - quite literally - by revealing that a gear wheel made by Reliance Precision in Lepton has played a vital role on board the Rosetta satellite.
Amongst other components, FSG FERNSTEUERGERAETE will present live ring encoders with a spring-loaded external gear wheel that serve to detect the swing angle and speed of telescopic crane booms.
When he reentered the hangar, he noticed the main landing gear wheel well ground wire was glowing red despite the fact that power was not yet actually applied to the aircraft.
Because dialysis machines must be disinfected frequently, with chlorine at ambient temperatures or with citric acid heated to 185[degrees]F, the gear wheel had to be made of a chemically resistant material.
The frequency of the digital current output signal is proportional to the rotational speed of a gear wheel.
For these applications, the company can supply design 01 with a gear wheel fitted.
This complete suite of solutions will include landing gear wheel tachometers and cockpit brake pedal transmitter units.
Post-accident examination revealed damage to the nose landing gear steering stops, the nose landing gear down lock mechanism and the nose landing gear wheel well sidewall.
Shuttle project office documents obtained by AW&ST spell out how wing gouge damage near the landing gear wheel well or wing leading edge, could combine with Columbia-type wing roughness in a "fatal combination" that would spike reentry temperatures to nearly 1,000 deg.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of hoist gear wheel assembly of ekg shovel sl.
Kaba and Emcor worked closely to source parts and repair the gear wheel.