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Synonyms for gazette

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a newspaper or official journal

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publish in a gazette

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Pott was discerned in one of the windows, by the mob beneath; and tremendous was the enthusiasm when the Honourable Samuel Slumkey himself, in top-boots, and a blue neckerchief, advanced and seized the hand of the said Pott, and melodramatically testified by gestures to the crowd, his ineffaceable obligations to the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
But after a very few sentences of figurative eloquence, the pink-faced gentleman got from denouncing those who interrupted him in the mob, to exchanging defiances with the gentlemen on the hustings; whereupon arose an uproar which reduced him to the necessity of expressing his feelings by serious pantomime, which he did, and then left the stage to his seconder, who delivered a written speech of half an hour's length, and wouldn't be stopped, because he had sent it all to the Eatanswill GAZETTE, and the Eatanswill GAZETTE had already printed it, every word.
The gazette notification is to enable the third parties to appear before the court on a day to be decided later to provide reasons on why the assets should not be forfeited by the government.
As editor of Capital Gazette Communications, Hutzell not only supervises The Capital Gazette but also the Maryland Gazette, the Crofton West County Gazette and the Bowie Blade-News.
To think of it, my family must have had The Gazette delivered throughout the 79 years life of Gazette Buildings in Borough Road, now destined to be occupied by Teesside University.
Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara and Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha yesterday denied reports that the gazette notification which created the 'Mavillu Conserved Forest' in the North of Wilpattu affected Muslim settlements or villages in the vicinity.
"I lived it, and I have no interest in reliving it," said Frank Fellone, an editor and columnist who wrote for the Democrat before its parent company, Wehco Media Inc., bought what was left of the Gazette from the Gannett Co.
"Why a decree law was passed in the first place in absence of the FNC when it has not been published in the official gazette or enacted for six months now?" asked Ahmad Al Za'abi, a member from Sharjah.
But, "The Gazette" maintained what it regarded as its usefulness to the British community in Egypt, with only occasional attention to Egyptian national aspirations.
Chris was news editor at the Gazette before his move to Newcastle in 2002 to join The Journal's sister paper.
The Gazette is one of the official e journals on record of the British gov-v ernment, it is described as the oldest continuously published newspaper (it is not a conventional newspaper offering general news coverage) in the UK.
After telling him my background, soon found myself designing a new look for the Gazette.
Quebec Bishop Bruce Stavert appointed Jim Sweeny, the diocesan registrar, as interim editor of the Gazette. Mr.
Geac Computer Corp Ltd, a Toronto-based provider of mission critical software and systems, has acquired the Gazette Technologies unit of US media company Gazette Communications Inc.