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any plant of the genus Gazania valued for their showy daisy flowers

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By the way, there is a trailing gazania with gray, slightly hairy foliage that is more cold-hardy than the thin-leaf, light green trailing variety you mention.
GROUND COVERS: Catmint, ceanothus, gazania, lantana, scaevola, verbena.
There is a whole range of halardy perennials that can be used in summer containers and summer plantings - such as Helichrysum, Gazania, Salvia pratensis and Cosmos (the Chocolate Plant).
Sow antirrhinum, cosmea, ageratum, begonia, petunia, impatiens, brachycome, canna, mimulus, necotiana, nemesia, Livingstone daisy, gazania, dahlia and wahlenbergia and other half-hardy annuals under glass with heat.
In the '70s and '80s, gazania and `Rosea' ice plant were the ground covers of choice for sunny areas.
Gazania is another drought-tolerant daisy plant, with a large centre and short petals, that flourishes in full sun, though it prefers richer soil.
On south-facing walls you need drought-busting plants such as ivy leaf pelargoniums, portulaca and gazania that can tolerate a heatwave.
When they start looking ragged, pull them out and replant beds and containers with heat-tolerant annuals such as gazania, globe amaranth, gloriosa daisy Madagascar periwinkle, marigold, moss rose, petunia, sunflower, and zinnia.
I could continue the colour-scheme into the second bed by using blood red gazania underplanted with shocking pink trailing verbena 'Sissinghurst'.
New in garden centres next year should be Kontiki which is a new class of gazania bred from G.
If you are looking for something bright and bold then a new Gazania may be what you are looking for.
At first glance, you might mistake arctotis for gazania, except that arctotis grows taller and its flowers are larger than gazania blooms.
There are several species, one of which, Gazania rigens, from South Africa, is spectacularly tolerant of drought and suitable for containers, walls and banks where moisture is at a premium.
A whole range of half-hardy annuals can be sown - busy lizzie, petunia, lobelia, morning glory, snapdragon, aster, gazania and many others.
For instant impact, set out nursery seedlings of ageratum, amaranth, celosia, China aster, coleus, gazania, geranium, heliotrope, impatiens, Madagascar periwinkle, nierembergia, ornamental pepper, petunia, and scarlet sage.