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Simpson trial, I prayed silently to be cured of gayness.
Of these identities, Cohen focuses on one of the strongest trends in Israeli gay films in recent years, that of the relationship between gayness and traditional Judaism.
True, many construed his marriages as a cover for gayness, but they were such obvious ploys that they hardly qualify.
One of the women, Leah Vader, told the Associated Press, "You spend half your time defending your gayness to Catholics, and the other half of your time defending your Catholicism to gays.
The question remains, however, as to how gayness can be squared with evolution, given that homosexual men are said to produce 80 percent fewer children than their straight counterparts.
Yet, although making the school community a truly Christian environment is a crucial goal of the resource guide, he wants us to know (unlike Arbour and Blackburn who want gayness "affirmed" and "accepted") that unless the dangers concerning homosexual inclination and practice are faced and accompany the Church's sound pastoral teaching and guidance, we will not succeed in meeting the needs of these students.
While most religions have a poor track record in supporting gays and lesbians, a number of gay men who dance feel that their gayness and artistry are part of their spiritual path.
the Catholic Church's "New Evangelization" in Latin America, issues of gayness or disability, even an essay on campus ministry.
On the other hand, the movement has influenced me a great deal and over time I have also internalized many of the aspects of a contemporary conception of gayness.
It's worrisome that a mild, sweetly funny and even affectionate take on Lincoln's alleged gayness should cause such a rabid response.
This has produced an inadequate understanding of marked identity management, where gayness is seen as constant and unchanging.
Gayness may be tolerated by nature because it promotes reproduction, a controversial study claimed.
GAYNESS may be tolerated by nature because, bizarrely, it helps promote reproduction, a controversial study claimed today.
The equating of race to sexual orientation comes as gayness is being popularized with TV shows and increasingly associated with whiteness.