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And while she gayly sung, the little weavers spun their silken threads, the flies on glittering wings flew lovingly above her head, and over all the golden light shone softly down.
Still she sang gayly on, and the falling drops kept time so musically, that the King in his cold ice-halls wondered at the low, sweet sounds that came stealing up to him.
From his dark castle the King looked out on the happy flowers, who nodded gayly to him, and in sweet colors strove to tell him of the good little Spirit, who toiled so faithfully below, that they might live.
He went on more gayly than ever, without appearing to notice the effect that he had produced on her.
She drew up the hood of her cloak and nodded to him gayly.
Never had the Maypole been so gayly decked as at sunset on midsummer eve.
His right hand held a gilded staff, the ensign of high dignity among the revellers, and his left grasped the slender fingers of a fair maiden, not less gayly decorated than himself.
So when she saw the boy come trudging across the old field with his gleaming little new rifle on his shoulder, she called out gayly to him, "Cheri
Caption: Journalists at the NLGJA's LGBT Media Convening, supporting TransAdvocate (from left): freelancer Mike Halterman, Melanie Davis/PQ Monthly, Robin Dorner/OK Gayly, Gay USA cohost Andy Humm, David Taffet/Dallas Voice, Gwen Smith/Bay Area Reporter, freelancer Dawn Ennis, Meredith Talusian (Wee's first- generation immigrant Filipino-American albino transgender writer), and me.
Lascanas and his companions navigated their way through the neighborhood gayly, apparently exhilarated by the absence of fear.
what almes is it to peynte gayly dede stones and rotun stokkis wij) sich almes Jsat is pore mennus good and lyflehode, and suffir pore men perysche for hungor, for cold and ojser many meschefis .
Fortunately for OKC, the local newspaper the Gayly has offered media sponsorship, and other groups such as the nonprofit action group Cimarron Alliance have given public statements of support.
gentleman, who seemed about six-and-twenty years old, gayly, but not foppishly, dressed, and indeed extremely handsome, with an air of mixed politeness and gallantry.
But then Lewis rallied to edge past The Hammer, Higgins fought back to win 6-4, Lefty made eagle at the 13th hole to propel himself back into the thick of things, and suddenly I was gayly tossing sweet and sour chicken balls into the air, catching them on my zestful tongue as they fell, and all was right with the world once again.
Indeed, as Image comments on the abandonment that accompanies his death, he first accentuates his descent into purgatory; Hoccleve replaces Suso's oculum mentis ad purgatorium, quo iam deducendus sum [537: 4-5] with 'To purgatorie Y shal as streight as lyne, / For myn offenses ther to suffre pyne' [692-93]--stronger phrasing that omits any mention of the oculum mentis before commenting on the uselessness of prayers to free him: 'Can yee portreye / Your wordes so gayly, and effect noon / Folwith, but al as deed is as a stoon?