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the movement aimed at liberating homosexuals from legal or social or economic oppression

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An email despatched to Iron Angle goes into rather too much detail about the alleged sexual preferences of politicians before concluding that there are eight gay Lib Dem councillors, almost one-third of the group, but as far as anyone knows only one gay Labour councillor.
AIDS, more than the old gay lib movement, changed everything and galvanized a community into getting help for itself by becoming visible.
Warner's analysis of the failure of Queer Nation is judicious and pithy, but a section on "Liberationist Influences on MDS Organizing" contains no reference to HEAL or any of the dissident AIDS organizations that took up and furthered some of the radical insights of Gay Lib.
Most of us involved in gay lib were also constantly marching and demonstrating for the other causes as well, because we knew they were all related.
And gay lib itself may have thrown a wrench into the genetic works.
The cover of Ironstone's IAm Proud To Be Gay Now I Want To Be Free showed gay lib banners vying with Anita Bryant placards outside an orange juice stand.
More than 30 years after the birth of gay lib, is there still a double standard?
That is why you can have an openly gay Cabinet Minister (think of the storm that would once have caused) who takes a personal message from the Prime Minister to a Gay Lib rally.