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the movement aimed at liberating homosexuals from legal or social or economic oppression

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claimed Mr Oaten was not the only gay Lib Dem MP and urged others to come out of the closet.
An email despatched to Iron Angle goes into rather too much detail about the alleged sexual preferences of politicians before concluding that there are eight gay Lib Dem councillors, almost one-third of the group, but as far as anyone knows only one gay Labour councillor.
AIDS, more than the old gay lib movement, changed everything and galvanized a community into getting help for itself by becoming visible.
Warner's analysis of the failure of Queer Nation is judicious and pithy, but a section on "Liberationist Influences on MDS Organizing" contains no reference to HEAL or any of the dissident AIDS organizations that took up and furthered some of the radical insights of Gay Lib.
A TORY councillor has denied calling a gay Lib Dem rival a "faggot" - but admitted calling him a "fascist" and a "fat git".
Robinson shows how the exodus of gay men from the revolutionary left throughout the 1970s, a significant loss for the left, represented a gain for gay lib in terms of political analysis and activist energy.