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Synonyms for gawk



Synonyms for gawk

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

to look intently and fixedly

Synonyms for gawk

an awkward stupid person

look with amazement

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About GAWK Talent Management[TM]: Founded in 2015 by David L.
Many an old-timer could recall picnicking as a child under her shade, while still others had just come to gawk as they drove past.
In one passage she focuses the reader's attention on the sudden appearance of a rare and fragile gonepteryx butterfly among the stony outcroppings and dilapidated ruins of Baalbek where tourists babble and gawk. They are from another life, another time, like Camellia.
I sit by my father's sickbed, wringing out cloths in cool water No more useful than my younger sisters, as he is too sick to be read to Tonight he waved away Homer, though I'd been hoping to practice my Greek Later on a burst of hurdy-gurdy music floated up over the balcony from the street And I did not run out to gawk at them, the Neapolitan and his monkey But peered out from behind the draperies, as befitting a woman in mourning The monkey danced a jig dressed up in a man's cap and britches Then swung up on a young girl's shoulder and kissed her on the cheek
Are we just expected to gawk? But I felt sorry for Claire, who was desperate to change her life.
At 11 a.m., there will be a one-hour "talk and gawk" session where a live bald eagle and presenter will be available for visitors to photograph and ask questions to the Illinois Raptor Center staff.
Airline passengers bound for the Antarctic Circle couldn't help but gawk at the Aurora Australis, which put on a spectacular show last Friday.
In her cage she waits small and barred, carrying torchlight, daring us while we pretend not to gawk at the white-round plate other face.
5 May 2015 - US-based digital Internet-related technology company Gawk Inc.
This is so selfish to do this, just so we can gawk at them.
The billboard campaign, "Walk, Gawk and Squawk," effectively introduces the rest of the country to the MLCVB and its efforts to promote travel and tourism in the Meadowlands Liberty Region.
This concise handbook lists the syntax and options available for hundreds of Linux operating system commands, and reviews network administration, boot methods, package managers, shells, editors, and the gawk programming language.
"They are treated as a novelty and tourists gawk at them.
Many merely gawk at Mary and her son, others record the event on their video cameras.