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a small mallet used by a presiding officer or a judge

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Sharratt is very deserving of the prestigious WASA Golden Gavel Award--the highest honor for this organization," said ESD 112 Superintendent Tim Merlino, who submitted the nomination.
Mr Taylor told OT the gavel was made with sape/e salvaged from a woodyard.
He started banging his gavel as TL made his motion.
In accepting the gavel, she will give a nod to the new era of divided government, pledging to "reach across the aisle in this chamber and across the divisions in this great nation," according to her prepared remarks.
Other highlights during the auction were a three-bedroom ex-local authority property on Bishopston Road, Ely which outperformed a guide of PS70,000 to sell for PS127,500; and further west a three-bedroom, un-mortgageable property on Cwmrhydyceirw Road, Swansea which sold for PS99,000 under the gavel, PS53,000 over the guide price of PS46,000.
As the gavel came down, sirens rang out across the showroom and there were stunned faces as the painting slid through the bottom of the frame and emerged shredded, hanging half complete.
As the gavel came down on the street artist's Girl with a Balloon artwork, the artwork was destroyed by a shredder hidden inside the picture's frame, reportsSomerset Live.
A man walking alongside the machine wielded a wide hand rake to pull the cut grain from the platform, ideally into neat bundles called gavels. Other workers gathered up each gavel, tied it into a sheaf with a couple of wisps of straw and placed the sheaves into shocks to "sweat." In heavy or tangled grain, the raker was often unable to leave neat gavels and the sheaf tiers had to spend a lot of time gathering up the grain.
Owning a unique piece (or two) of history has never been more accessible and, some might say, fun when it comes to auctions by gavel and block, a subsidiary of Salcedo Auctions.
IT'S a first for top Midlands auctioneers Hansons - what appears to be a rare gavel is to go under the, erm, gavel.
Uncovered during a valuation day in Knowle, the faux gavel was crafted in the late 19th century.
<B The rare gavel is not what it at first appears to be
WIELDING the gavel as chairman for the Loughborough Speakers Club meeting on May 8 was our club president Peter Minshall who got things under way with a warm up session that included subjects such as yesterday, friends and even duck racing.
Phil King of Weatherford and John Zerwas of Richmond in vying for the gavel. King declared his candidacy before Straus announced in October that he was retiring, while Zerwas got in quickly after Straus' announcement.
ISG is indeed proud of Sneha K C who clinched the Championship Trophy for the International Speech Category and Amisha Mehta and Adveetiya Ganti who secured the first runners-up and second runners-up positions, respectively for the Evaluation Speech Category in Oman Gavel Public Speaking Championship held on February 2 at Indian School Wadi Kabir.