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(medicine) bleached cotton cloth of plain weave used for bandages and dressings

a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave

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Disinfectant products are anticipated to account for over half of the sales revenue in Tier 1 cities, followed by gauzes and bandages respectively.
Known for his abstraction and deft exploration of materials and technique, Benjie Cabangis' recent works at his Gauze Project exhibition at University of the Philippines Fine Arts Gallery acutely depict the question of framing time in art.
Market size data for Traditional Wound Management market segments - Gauzes, Sponges, Bandages, Abdominal Pads and Gauze Sponges.
is supplying its proprietary hemostatic gauze technology to CVS/pharmacy under a store brand pact.
The Parliament's Socialists have been calling for stricter rules and fewer exemptions, while Gauzes has had to tread a careful path between MEPs and member states in Council, several of which refuse to sign up to a third-country clause they consider to be protectionist.
Tarantino discovered a piece of gauze imbedded in the ulcerated wound.
An examination later revealed the gauze in her stomach from an earlier operation.
Its silk, crepe, gauze and macrame fabrics invited buyers to stop and touch.
The organization back in 2011 called the attention of education authorities to the cancer-risk exposure of students, teachers and school staff from the asbestos-laden wire gauzes used in science experiments.
Foreign investment funds and managers would be subject to a dual supervision regime under new proposals unveiled by the European Parliament's rapporteur on the subject, Jean-Paul Gauzes.
towel dressing paper, swabs (X-Ray detect), swabs, (Gauze), Gauzes, ribbons, gallipots, scissors, forceps, bandages, crepes, cotton wool balls, orthoban, pads (dressing) pads (eye) bags (plain closure), Pouches, (heat seal), reels (heat seal), paper (soft crepe) kidney dishes, pulp trays, stockinette, tampons X-ray detect, trachy tapes, autoclave tape, apron, poly disp, caps, overshoes for theatre nurses, vaginal speculums with/without ratchet, non adhering dressings, clamps for umbilical cord, cord clamps, connections (tapered), ribbon gauze, pad, maternity unlooped, bag, polythene gusseted, box used needles, plastic, bowie dick test pack or equivalent,