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a unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1 maxwell per square centimeter

German mathematician who developed the theory of numbers and who applied mathematics to electricity and magnetism and astronomy and geodesy (1777-1855)

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The optimal magnetic field intensity for magnetic separation when it is used for pre-concentration was 2000 Gauss for a particle size of up to 150 micron.
If n is the maximal number of steps that can be performed in the Lanczos algorithm without breakdown, then there exists no complex Gauss quadrature in the sense of [45,49] for approximating the functional (1.6) with more than n weights.
As "a publication suited to any type of media file," Faylor's Gauss PDF publishes PDFs but also numerous other file types, such as .mov, .rtf, .jpg, ,mp4, ,mp3, .zip, as well as YouTube playlists, image collections, and poems in Microsoft Word documents.
Gauss: K ([x.sub.i], [x.sub.j]) = exp ([absolute value of [x.sub.i] - [x.sub.j]]/2[[sigma].sup.2])
In this paper, an attitude maneuver optimization method for the gimbal rates is developed based on the Gauss pseudospectral method.
An example of a 7x7 convolution kernel with Gauss distribution values.
Gauss explained that he had added 1 and 100, 2 and 99, and realized that there would be 50 such pairs each summing 101.
First two of them were adapted from the existent Optilux library to ensure the Gauss (1) and short term integrator (2) notch filters:
The mechanical movement delivers extraordinary timekeeping performance and reliability and it is also resistant to magnetic fields greater than 15000 gauss solving a challenge that has perplexed watchmakers for centuries.
In the procedure of approximation, Legendre Gauss quadrature rule together with Lagrange interpolation is used.
In fact, common meshless method is based on the numerical integration for Gauss domains with RPIM.
Among them the Gauss map is a very useful and extensively used to deal with submanifolds [2].
Named for its resistance to magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss strong, the Milgauss was adopted by many of the scientists working in Switzerland's CERN laboratory, where some of the most powerful electromagnetic fields in the world were being generated.