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Synonyms for gauntness

extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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The trees surrounding it are "minatory gauntnesses" (4) and the garden's "bare boughs" stand out "against the hard, high spring sky" (62).
Steve Jobs dodged cancer's upper cut for such a long while, but the spotlight finally caught the gauntness of his face, the thinning of his blue jeaned legs, the look of inevitability in his brilliant eyes.
This is a kind of aesthetic exile that implies a deliberate self-distancing from the necessity of formal finishing, given that what had characterized Coetzee's art up to the Nobel ceremony was just this quality of laborious finishedness: "spare prose and a spare, thrifty world" (Coetzee, Doubling 20), chiseled gauntness without any trace of flaccidity or unassimilated matter.
In their anatomical realism, their bodies are of repulsive gauntness; yet, the composition of their synchronous lines, the similarity of their motion, the rigidity of their expression [achieves] a mystical-enigmatic expression.
Although he may not fit the received image of an MIT prof, Cage, slimmed down to the edge of gauntness, generally suppresses his more wildly emotive tendencies to deliver an acceptably thoughtful performance.
In the scant light of the hotel table lamp, sad shadows pooled beneath their eyes, and a smiling gauntness in their cheeks exposed how crooked their yellowed teeth were.
face, is her very body in all its gauntness. This is not merely a
She pulled his body to hers and devoured his lips, his neck, the gauntness of his being, as if time was going too fast and the world's end was in sight.
The role is a good fit for Bale, who seizes the opportunity to embroider on his recent action-hero roles with a kooky accent, wide-eyed fanaticism, and that aforementioned crash-diet gauntness. His adversary in the film is not the band of soldiers holding him prisoner but Davies, who shows off his jutting hip bones and loony comic timing with equal alacrity.
Sonya was worried his wild white hair, cataract-infected blue eyes, and prison-camp-like gauntness would frighten Jared, but Jared seemed determined to go forward.
Other signs include subtle gauntness of the face while bony features are more noticeable.
Barbitta has blonde hair, colorfully tattooed forearms, and a wraith-like gauntness. He looks as if he's witnessed more than a little pain and suffering over the years, but his demeanor is serene.
Any perceptible gauntness, any trace of pallor, was clearly due not to hunger but to the low-fat regimes and gymwork of the western urban dweller." The rich and those aspiring to be rich in Dublin appear to embrace the thinking, embraced by so much of Western culture, that one can never be too rich or too skinny.
At first a runner may appear a little gaunt, but all he or she requires is reassurance, because in time the gauntness disappears.
'Our interest in the poor and exploited started then,' says Kevin, thin to the point of gauntness, with an engaging smile.